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Reviews: Sleeping bags

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Jag Bag silk liner
Rating: ****_ 
By Robert Ewing on Mon 1 Oct 2012 14:04 (US/Pacific) Edit Delete   Reply   Printable Relation | Link | Bookmark | Report
There have been several reviews of silk sleeping bag liners so here’s one more. I have been using the same Jag Bag Endura Deluxe silk liner since 2009 and used it every night on tour, even in motels with questionable hygiene. It has had lots of use and helped me endure sub-freezing nights in my 40F bag. One note is my liner was sewn by Jackie Gardiner the original owner in New Zealand. She has since retired and sold the company to Paul Roberts of Terra Vista Trails in Scotland. Paul claims to use the exact same silk and construction techniques.

As is my tendency with sewn bike gear I have hacked my Jag Bag a bit to make it easier to get in and out of. The Velcro scheme I used to mate the liner to my bag didn’t work so well night after night on tour so stay tuned for my next try.

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Click here for a larger version of the picture

Ready for sleep!

Image on article page: Lining up a sleeping bag liner in article The Sewing Circle by Robert Ewing (Work in progress)

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