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Reviews: Gloves (warm weather)

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Serfas RX gloves (thread)
Rating: ***** 
By Robert Ewing on Tue 25 Sep 2012 17:13 (US/Pacific) Edit Delete   Reply (2)   Printable Relation | Link | Bookmark | Report
I have had a nagging problem with numbness in my left hand when riding long distances for the past few years. Nothing so severer to stop touring, and switching hand positions frequently has kept it at tolerable levels. I have wide cyclocross drop bars with extensions at the ends, so plenty of hand positions. The bars have gel padding under cork bar tape. I have tried gloves with various amounts of padding and no padding at all with little change in the occurrence of numbness.

I bought the Serfas RX gloves after losing of my gel padded gloves during my most recent tour. I picked out the RX gloves because they were the only pair that fit at the local bike shop in Astoria, Oregon. At the end of the first day riding with them I realized there were no episodes of tingling or numbness. Serfas has done their homework. The padding is not as thick and is significantly denser than on my old gloves they replaced.

I will add the caveat that cycling gloves are very personal, like saddles, shorts, shoes and pedals. What work for one person provides no guarantee of the results for others. So my five stars is a personal rating. Objectively they are well made, grip the handlebars well, seem to transfer sweat and moisture quickly, and overall function well. They come with some neat loops at attached to the finger ends to make is easier to take them off, or if you are like me and roll your gloves off from the wrists they make is easier to turn them right side out again. Problem for me is the loops have a tendency to catch on my cross brake handles so they are gone.

#2: Re: Serfas RX gloves (thread)
By Dale Oswald on Fri 28 Sep 2012 18:18 Edit Delete in reply to #1     Reply   Printable Relation | Link | Bookmark | Report
What work for one person provides no guarantee of the results for others.

Especially if the source of hand numbness is the neck, which I am convinced happens more often than people realize. Sounds like it's not the case with you, though it may be a contributor.

#3: Re: Serfas RX gloves (thread)
By Sherman Dunnam on Mon 1 Oct 2012 06:19 Edit Delete in reply to #1     Reply   Printable Relation | Link | Bookmark | Report
More than 30 years ago I had episodes of tingling and numbness in my hands. I went to my doctor and he spent some time doing some physical tests and then asked a lot of questions. During the questioning he asked about bike riding and when he found out how much I rode he suggested I wear cycling gloves. I had never worn them before. I went to the LBS that day and purchased a pair with padding especially in the "heel" area as my doc recommended. That was pretty much the end of my hand problems while riding.

For the last three years I've worn Serfas Rx gloves and find them to be comfortable on the bike and quite protective without being at all bulky. Another great thing about those Serfas gloves is that they have little loops between the fingers so that taking them off becomes simple. Just tug on the loops and the glove comes off, no peeling it off and turning it inside out.

When I bought my last pair I asked the guy at the LBS "You know why I like these?" His immediate reply was "Because of those little loops for getting them off!" No other glove they carry has those simple little loops. Just another example of Serfas doing their homework.


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