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#1: AC Trans America Trail #9 Safer route between Chester and Farmingtion (thread)
By phil gash on Sun 7 Aug 2011 11:58 (US/Pacific) Edit Delete   Reply (1)   Printable Relation | Link | Bookmark | Report
Alternate Route between Chester, Ill and Farmington, MO
The current AC route between Chester, Ill and Farmington, Mo requires
crossing the Chester Bridge, traversing numerous steep hills, dealing with Missouri's narrow
two-lane-&-no-shoulder roads and at times, heavy traffic.
An alternative route is presented below which covers about the same
mileage,and is more enjoyable and safer. It avoids the narrow two lane & no shoulder Chester Bridge with side walkways of narrow 1950s eroded cement blocks. It includes an enjoyable and shaded 12 mile ride along the river,
a ferry ride,and cycling on a wide shoulder between Ste. Gen and Farmington.

1. Shortly before the east side of the Chester Bridge on Hwy 51, there is
a sign: Truck By Pass, Ill. 150 pointing to the left. Take it.

2. At the T ( about 1/4 mile) turn right on to Kaskaskai Rd which
goes under the bridge.

3. The road passes a prison in about 1/2 mile, past that point
there is very little traffic. For about 12 miles, the road parallels
the river, and the rail road tracks. A lot of the route is shaded.

4. The road crosses South Main in Elles Grove, turn left here and
ride about 5 blocks north to Branch, turn to the right.

5. Proceed a few hundred yards to Eggmeyer Plaza, and turn left on
to it.

6. Turn right onto Hwy 3, and proceed a few hundred yards to (Kaskaskai ) Lock
and Dam road. You can walk/ride to it off-road on the left side
without having to cross the on-coming lane on Hwy 3. Turn on to Lock & Dam.

7. Follow it west to Roots and turn left. There is a good shoulder on Roots

8. Proceed about 2.5 miles to a T, and take the right turn to Modoc.

9. At Modoc take the road to the ferry.

10. The ferry goes across the Miss at Ste. Genevieve. It operates between 6am- 6pm in the summer, and 7am-5pm in the winter. Once off the ferry
follow the only road ( Main St.) south to Ste. Genevieve. After 2 miles
turn left onto St. Mary's Rd and proceed about 1/2 mile to the T
with Hwy 61. At this point you are about 3 miles from the ferry.
Turn right on to Hwy 61

11. About 1.5 miles west on Hwy 61, it crosses Hwy 32 at the light,
turn left onto Hwy 32. It has a wide shoulder with the exception
of about 1/2 mile outside Ste. Gen. About 1/2 the shoulder is
taken up by a rumble strip.

12. Continue 5 miles to the overpass on I-55,cross it and continue on
to Farmington. There are hills but they are not steep.

13. It is 24 miles to Farmington, where there is a light,
and county road OO comes in from the left.

14. Continue west on Hwy 32 which changes to Ste. Genevieve
in Farmington. Go on it for about 2 miles then it turns to
the right and there is a stop sign on Liberty.

15. Turn left at Liberty and go for about 1/4th mile
to Franklin. There is the Trans Am Cyclery on
Franklin. Al's Place is on the opposite corner.

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