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The Rhine Grind in Germany and France
By brad nicholson - (contact)

Gear List

Too many hours spent browsing Amazon has made me a list addict! Here is a complete gear list of what I carried.

Clothes: Two Cycling Jerseys Two Cycling Shorts Two Pair of Gloves One Pair of Tights Two Pair of Socks One Pair of Cycling Shoes One Windblocker Undershirt One Pair of North Face Pants One North Face Shirt Tennis Shoes Helmet Fleece Balaclava Rain Jacket Rain Pants Towel Shower Gel Toothbrush/Paste

Tent: North Face Lunar Light

Sleeping System: Kelty Solar Flare 45 Deg Ultralight Thermarest

Cook stuff: MSR Ti-Cookset MSR Dragonfly Stove Two Water Bottles

Other odds and ends would be a book, cell phone, maps, etc.

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The noble bicycle at rest. Jamis Nova known as "Toys That Kill" with the Rhine River in the background between Strasbourg, France and Kehl, Germany.

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