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San Francisco to San Luis Obispo
By Lee Trampleasure - (contact)

Introduction: 32 year later, I'll ride it again

In 1978, after graduating from high school, I rode my bike from San Francisco to San Luis Obispo. I had organized a group of seven cyclists to ride to a protest at the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant.

Now, 32 years later, I'm going to do the ride again. I'm planning a tour this summer from SF to Seattle/Vancouver area, and this SF-SLO trip is to make sure that my arthritic knee doesn't complain too much.

I'm riding on a Surly Long Hall Trucker. I purchased it a year ago to upgrade to a bike that I feel will work well on a long tour. I've outfitted my bike with Arkel rear panniers and trunk bag, as well as my old stand-by Ortleib roller panniers for the front. I have an Arkel handlebar bag that I've outfitted with pop-out foam to hold my digital SLR gently and safely.

I'll be posting about daily, seeing how I like the crazyguyonabike format. My students will probably be reading it, so nothing too racy will appear :-) (I teach high school physics).

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My Surly LHT complete with panniers, trunk bag, and handlebar bag.

Profile: Lee Trampleasure

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