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Off the beaten track in Laos
By Chris Jedrzycki - (contact)


My last two bike trips were along the Thai coast. They were quite flat and along the tourist trail meaning there were lots of restaurants, English signs and low on the adventure scale. For this trip I decided to get back into one of my favorite destination - Laos. I needed to go to Vientiane anyways for a new Thai visa so am taking the chance to do a cycling trip as well. I thought about following the Mekong from Vientiane to Pakse but after reading a few posts about this route decided that it is low on views and low on the adventure scale so decided for something more challenging. Looking at the map of Laos I decided to try the route from Vientiane to Huay Xai first following the Mekong up to Sanakham then to Pak Lai, Xayabouli, Hongsa, Pak Beng, Pak Tha and Huay Xai. I believe most of the roads along the route are unsealed and the rainy season has started so I was prepared for slugging it through the mud but I have done something like this before when biking from Hanoi to Huay Xai 2 years ago and I found that it suits me very well. I went on this trip with my friend Bill. In the end we cut the trip short at Hongsa due to technical issues with Bill's bike but by that time we had completed about 75% of the intended route so I was happy with it.

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The Bangkok to Nong Khai section and Thung Chang to Bangkok section are by public bus (two long straight lines). The rest is by bicycle.

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