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# Article Sub-locales Author Updated Status
16  Backroad cycling in northern NSW *   expand sub-locales 1 page   Heather Nonhebel  Wed 23 
Work in progress
15  Cycle Touring in New Zealand Tips     Steve Glasgow  Jan 13 
Work in progress
14  The Canning Stock Route by bicycle     Tom Walwyn  Nov 2 
Completed Nov 2013
13  Stings, Sparks, Pecks and Bites Downunder     Graham Smith  Oct 2012 
Completed Oct 2012
12  Canberra Australia-a capital city for bicycle touring   expand sub-locales 1 page   Graham Smith  Apr 2012 
Completed Jan 2011
11  How I´ll Build a rough bike for my Trip Around the world     isaac mizrahi  May 2011 
Completed May 2011
10  Review of the Science of Bike Handling     David Fuller  Apr 2011 
Completed May 2013
Ways East out of Perth, Western Australia, on a bike     Peter Westcoast  Feb 2011 
Completed Feb 2011
Dansey's Pass     Loretta Henderson  Aug 2010 
Completed Aug 2010
Ass Me, I Mean, Ask Me?   expand sub-locales 1 page   Loretta Henderson  Aug 2010 
Completed Aug 2010
A cyclists guide to Sydney, Australia     David Fuller  Apr 2010 
Completed Dec 2010
Backroads to Braidwood from Canberra Australia     Graham Smith  Dec 2009 
Completed Dec 2009
Suggested route into Sydney, Australia   expand sub-locales 1 page   David Fuller  Sep 2009 
Completed Sep 2009
Riding with Road Trains   expand sub-locales 1 page   David Fuller  Sep 2009 
Completed Sep 2009
In search of the perfect touring bike     Leigh Caines  Nov 2008 
Completed Dec 2006
Had Enough of Touring Yet?     rusty cherkas  Nov 2006 
Completed Nov 2006

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