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A 20,000 Km Graduation Present Across North America

A fall/winter/spring tour along the perimeter of Canada & the USA

14,624 km (9,087 miles) over 244 days from September 14, 2010 to May 15, 2011

Topic: Bicycle Touring  
Categories: Events, Tour diaries, Custom bikes, Equipment lists, 6-12 months, First tour, USA Perimeter, Canada Coast to Coast, Canada West to East, Canadian Rockies
Locales: North America, Canada, Manitoba, British Columbia, Ontario, United States, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Vermont, Wisconsin
Years: 2010, 2011
Keywords: Canada, USA, Perimeter


Copyright © 2010-2014 By Chris Ferguson-Martin - (contact)

Status: Completed May 2011Featured Journal #431
Last update: Friday May 27, 2011 15:56 (US/Pacific) (edited Sun 4 May 2014 13:50 (US/Pacific))
358,714 hits since July 24, 2010 (hitcounts updated nightly)
5,152 pics

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Who am I and what am I doing?

      Preparations: Things To Think About In Advance
      Planned Route: A map of my general route
      Training Ride Day 1: Peterborough to Presqu'ile Provincial Park
      Training Ride Day 2: Presqu'ile Provincial Park to Sandbanks Provincial Park and back
      Training Ride Day 3: Presqu'ile Provincial Park to Peterborough
      The Day Before Departure

Manitoba: Home of the Flatlanders

      Day 1: Winnipeg, MB to Buffalo Point, MB: Unrealistic Expectations


      Day 2: Buffalo Point, MB to Baudette, MN
      Day 3: Baudette, MN to Red Lake, MN: Fear
      Day 4: Red Lake, MN to Grand Rapids, MN: Thank you tailwind.
      Day 5: Grand Rapids, MN to Duluth, MN: Growing Pains


      Day 6: Duluth, MN to Ashland, WI: Hello Wisconsin!
      Day 7: Ashland, WI to Ironwood, MI: Short Days...


      Day 8: Ironwood, MI to Watton, MI: If you build it, they will come...
      Day 9: Watton, MI to Marquette, MI: Bike Shops Per Capita
      Day 10: Marquette, MI: Day Off?
      Day 11: Marquette, MI to Sault Ste. Marie, ON (by bus): Oh Canada


      Day 12: Sault Ste. Marie, ON to Algoma Mills, ON: Driving along Highway 17
      Day 13: Algoma Mills, ON to Mindemoya, ON: On the Island!
      Day 14: Mindemoya, ON to Ferndale, ON: Ahoy, sailor.
      Day 15: Ferndale, ON to Eugenia, ON: Dreams, Rain and Beer by Candlelight
      Day 16: Eugenia, ON to Bolton, ON: The Homeless Man on the Front Lawn
      Day 17: Rest Day - Bolton, ON: Maxin Relaxin
      Day 18: Bolton, ON to Peterborough, ON: Like I never left

      Thanksgiving Rest: I'll be off the road for awhile

      Rest Week in Peterborough: Ready to hit the road again.

      Day 19: Peterborough, ON to Belleville, ON: Parting is such sweet sorrow
      Day 20: Belleville, ON to Stone Mills, ON: Baaaaaah
      Day 21: Stone Mills, ON to Kingston, ON: All Growed Up
      Day 22: Kingston, ON to Brockville, ON: I'm cold and wet. But it's OK, the Leafs won.
      Day 23: Brockville, ON to Ottawa, ON: Hello Harper
      Day 24: Rest Day in Ottawa: Playing tourist
      Day 25: Ottawa, ON to Rigaud, QC: Adios Ontario


      Day 26: Rigaud, QC to Saint-Valentin, QC: I wish I remembered more French...
      Day 27: Saint-Valentin, QC to Plattsburgh, NY: Adios Canada, eh.

New York

      Day 28: Plattsburgh, NY to Lake Placid, NY: Up the mountain and into the...snow?
      Day 29: Rest Day in Lake Placid: It's like Banff, but American
      Day 30: Lake Placid, NY to Ticonderoga, NY: Dear Chris, you are an idiot
      Day 31: Ticonderoga, NY to Queensbury, NY: The Mountain
      Day 32: Queensbury, NY to Bennington, VT: (Un)Welcome to Vermont

Vermont/New Hampshire

      Day 33: Bennington, VT to Northfield, MA: Chris and JJ go to the doctor


      Day 34: Northfield, MA to North Billerica, MA: The New England Family
      Day 35: Billerica, MA to Arlington, MA: "Thank you, Kessel"
      Day 36: Playing tourist in Boston: The British are coming!
      Day 37: Playing More Tourist: Pancakes, shots heard round the world and Fenway
      Day 38: Arlington, MA to Whitman, MA: Man, I need to pee


      Day 39: Whitman, MA to Vineyard Haven, MA: I made it to the ocean
      Day 40: Vineyard Haven, MA to Aquinnah, MA and back: A cold ride in Martha's Vineyard
      Day 41: Vineyard Haven, MA to New Bedford, MA: Life Gets in the Way
      Day 42: New Bedford, MA to Providence, RI: The Nicest Bike Path I Have Never Seen

Rhode Island

      Day 43: Providence, RI to Groton, CT: Revenge of the Glass


      Day 44: Groton, CT to New Haven, CT: I love quaintness
      Day 45: New Haven, CT to Stamford, CT: The downside of being friendly...
      Day 46: Stamford, CT to New York City, NY: If you're going through hell, keep going...

New York II

      Day 47: Hanging out in the Big Apple: The City is Alive
      Day 48: I (Heart) New York: Shining Lights, Ivy League Frisbee, Central Park and spicy Chinese
      Day 49: New York, NY to Princeton, NJ: Partying Ivy League Style

New Jersey

      Day 50: Princeton, NJ to Philadelphia, PA: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia...


      Day 51: Philadelphia, PA: Hanging out in the City of Brotherly Love
      Day 52: Philadelphia, PA to Middletown, DE: Thanks for the tip, Officer


      Day 53: Middletown, DE to Chester, MD: A Taste of Canada


      Day 54: Chester, MD to Washington, DC: Taxation Without Representation

District of Columbia

      Day 55: Washington, DC: Trying to find Obama
      Day 56: Washington, DC: Day of the Museums
      Day 57: Washington, DC to La Plata, MD: Damn you, Postal Service

Maryland II

      Day 58: La Plata, MD to Hustle, VA: Striking it rich in Virginia


      Day 59: Hustle, VA to Richmond, VA: A slow Sunday
      Day 60: Richmond, VA to Williamsburg, VA: A Route Not To Be Missed
      Day 61: Williamsburg, VA: The Trap of American History
      Day 62: Williamsburg, VA to Smithfield, VA: Southern Hospitality
      Day 63: Smithfield, VA to Virginia Beach, VA: Happy (American) Thanksgiving
      Day 64: Virginia Beach, VA: Down by the beach
      Day 65: Virginia Beach, VA to Kitty Hawk, NC: Flying to the Outer Banks

North Carolina

      Day 66: Kitty Hawk, NC to Ocracoke, NC: Life in the lap of luxury
      Day 67: Ocracoke, NC: Out of season
      Day 68: Ocracoke, NC: The isolation of a solo tour
      Day 69: Ocracoke, NC: Stormwatching
      Day 70: Ocracoke, NC to Washington, NC: I shouldn't be on this boat
      Day 71: Washington, NC to Arapahoe, NC: Let's shuck some oysters
      Day 72: Arapahoe, NC: Wait a second, that's not a real duck
      Day 73: Arapahoe, NC to Swansboro, NC: An odd request and pleasant surprises
      Day 74: Swansboro, NC to Wilmington, NC: A Carolina Cold Snap
      Day 75: Wilmington, NC: Baby, It's Cold Outside
      Day 76: Wilmington, NC to Myrtle Beach, SC: Golf Courses and Strip Clubs

South Carolina

      Day 77: Myrtle Beach, SC to Charleston, SC: Finding the Discipline
      Day 78: Charleston, SC: Forgetting How to Break the Ice in the Holy City
      Day 79: Charleston, SC: Lying low
      Day 80: Charleston, SC to Port Royal, SC: Conceding the Day
      Day 81: Port Royal, SC to Savannah, GA: Hanging on for Dear Life


      Day 82: Savannah, GA to Port Royal, SC (by truck): The Few. The Proud.
      Day 83: Savannah, GA to St. Simons Island, GA: A Sneaky Islander
      Day 84: St. Simons Island, GA: The Man That Almost Ruined My Day
      Day 85: St. Simons Island, GA to Yulee, FL: The Great Reveal


      Day 86: Yulee, FL to Saint Augustine, FL: A Yellow Fighter Convoy
      Day 87: Saint Augustine, FL: Sunday. Sunday. Sunday. Football. Football. Football.
      Day 88: St. Augustine, FL to Daytona Beach, FL: Couch Surfers, Unite!
      Day 89: Daytona Beach, FL to Deland, FL: Unwarranted Frustrations
      Day 90: DeLand, FL to DeBary, FL: Audibles
      Day 91: De Bary, FL to Walt Disney World, FL: Pleasurable City Riding
      Day 92: Walt Disney World, FL: The Power of the Machine
      Day 93: Walt Disney World, FL: A (not so) White Christmas and the Loss of Control
      Day 94: Walt Disney World, FL to Titusville, FL: Friendly Surprises Amidst a Cold Wind
      Day 95: Titusville, FL: Playing Astronaut...In a cold lineup
      Day 96: Titusville, FL to Sebastian Inlet, FL: Another touring cyclist!
      Day 97: Sebastian Inlet, FL to Lake Worth, FL: Joining Forces
      Day 98: Lake Worth, FL to Miami, FL: Ugh
      Day 99: Miami. FL: Bringing my (sick) talents to South Beach
      Day 100: Miami, FL to Key Largo, FL: And into the Keys we go...
      Day 101: Key Largo, FL to Long Key State Park, FL: The One Affordable State Park in Florida
      Day 102: Long Key State Park, FL to Big Pine Key, FL: Dolphins, dolphins, everywhere
      Day 103: Big Pine Key, FL to Key West, FL: 90 Miles From Cuba
      Day 104: Key West, FL: All Kinds of Girls
      Day 105: Key West, FL: Bike Repair Drama
      Day 106: Key West, FL: The Keys Life
      Day 107: Key West, FL: My Last Lazy Day
      Day 108: Key West, FL to Fort Myers Beach, FL (by boat): Night Cruising
      Day 109: Fort Myers Beach, FL to North Port, FL: I Wouldn't Mess With Glenn
      Day 110: North Port, FL to Bradenton, FL: And Then There Was One
      Day 111: Bradenton, FL: A Cold Day At The Beach
      Day 112: Bradenton, FL to Spring Hill, FL: Bike Trails and Condescension Into The Wild
      Day 113: Spring Hill, FL to Fanning Springs, FL: Giving Back
      Day 114: Fanning Springs, FL to Perry, FL: And Then There Were Seven
      Day 115: Perry, FL to Panacea, FL: We're Burning Daylight Damnit, Get On The Road!
      Day 116: Panacea, FL to Apalachicola, FL: Waiting the Rain Out
      Day 117: Apalachicola, FL to Panama City Beach, FL: Going Back in Time
      Day 118: Panama City Beach, FL: Remembering What's More Important
      Day 119: Panama City Beach, FL to Fort Walton Beach, FL: Into Spill Country
      Day 120: Fort Walton Beach, FL to Pensacola, FL: The Night Starts Here
      Day 121: Pensacola, FL: Round Two
      Day 122: Pensacola, FL to Dauphin Island, AL: So long, dear Florida


      Day 123: Dauphin Island, AL to Bay Saint Louis, MS: From One State to Another


      Day 124: Bay Saint Louis, MS to New Orleans, LA: The Big Easy To Get Flat Tires


      Day 125: New Orleans, LA: Who Dat
      Day 126: New Orleans, LA: The Crescent City Charm
      Day 127: New Orleans, LA: A Mother's Perspective: Looking for that grill, eating bugs, and music on Frenchmen Street
      Day 128: New Orleans, LA: Into the Bayou
      Day 129: New Orleans, LA to Donaldsonville, LA: Parting is (still) such sweet sorrow
      Day 130: Donaldsonville, LA to Morgan City, LA: Riding Swampside
      Day 131: Morgan City, LA: Old Charlie
      Day 132: Morgan City, LA to Erath, LA: Hockey fans in Louisiana?
      Day 133: Erath, LA to Pecan Island, LA: Unexpected Help
      Day 134: Pecan Island, LA: Hanging Out
      Day 135: Pecan Island, LA to Cameron, LA: My Unwelcome Friend Mr. Headwind
      Day 136: Cameron, LA to Beaumont, TX: Super Bowl Sunday


      Day 137: Beaumont, TX: The Toilet
      Day 138: Beaumont, TX to Plantersville, TX: Ups & Downs
      Day 139: Plantersville, TX to College Station, TX: Crazy Guy on a (Frozen) Bike
      Day 140: College Station, TX: Texas Toast in Texas
      Day 141: College Station, TX: A Brush With Death in Houston
      Day 142: College Station, TX to Bastrop, TX: The Key Lady
      Day 143: Bastrop, TX: A Sick Day (Without Pay)
      Day 144: Bastrop, TX to Austin, TX: Will You Be My Valentine?
      Day 145: Austin, TX: My Kind of Place
      Day 146: Austin, TX to another part of Austin, TX: Failure to Launch
      Day 147: Austin, TX: The Waiting Game
      Day 148: Austin, TX to Pontotoc, TX: Chris vs. Texas
      Day 149: Pontotoc, TX to San Angelo, TX: On the Road Again
      Day 150: San Angelo, TX to Sterling City, TX: Happy Days
      Day 151: Sterling City, TX to Big Spring, TX: Back on the Court
      Day 152: Big Spring, TX to Eunice Lake, NM: I'll Be Back

New Mexico

      Day 153: Eunice Lake, NM to Carlsbad, NM: Big Sky Country
      Day 154: Carlsbad, NM: Call Me A Caveman
      Day 155: Carlsbad, NM to El Paso, TX: Finding Good Reason to Cheat

Texas - Part II

      Day 156: El Paso, TX: Ultimate Sleep
      Day 157: El Paso, TX to Las Cruces, NM: Commitments

New Mexico: Part II

      Day 158: Las Cruces, NM to Caballo Lake State Park, NM: A Perfect Day
      Day 159: Caballo Lake State Park, NM to Hanover, NM: Mountain Mind Tricks
      Day 160: Hanover, NM to Silver City, NM: The Bike House
      Day 161: Silver City, NM to Blackjack Campground, AZ: Divide and Conquer


      Day 161: Blackjack Campground, AZ to Safford, AZ: The View From Above
      Day 162: Safford, AZ to Globe, AZ: When The Wind Blows
      Day 163: Globe, AZ to Gold Canyon, AZ: A Dangerous Road
      Day 164: Gold Canyon, AZ to Sun City, AZ (Phoenix): A Slog Through An Urban Wasteland
      Day 165: Phoenix, AZ: Bringing Back The Jets
      Day 166: Sun City, AZ: Squeezing An Extra Day In
      Day 167: Sun City, AZ to Harcuvar, AZ: New Friends on Bikes
      Day 168: Harcuvar, AZ to Palo Verde, CA: Welcome To Cali


      Day 169: Palo Verde, CA to Brawley, CA: The Sands of Testosterone
      Day 170: Brawley, CA to San Diego, CA: From Hell on a Hill to the House on the Hill
      Day 171: San Diego, CA to Del Mar, CA: What's Generally Important & What Really Matters
      Day 172: Del Mar, CA: The Interview
      Day 173: Del Mar, CA to La Jolla, CA and back: Where The Rich Kids Play and The Seals Sing
      Day 174: Del Mar, CA to San Elijo State Beach, CA and into San Diego, CA: Old Friends in New Places
      Day 175: San Diego, CA to Oceanside, CA and back to Del Mar, CA: March 18th Feeling Like March 18th Does
      Day 176: Del Mar, CA to Newport Beach, CA: Whatever
      Day 177: Newport Beach, CA: Happy Birthday To Me
      Day 178: Newport Beach, CA to Santa Monica, CA: Battle: Los Angeles
      Day 179: Santa Monica, CA to Carpinteria, CA: The Boy Who Played With A Galactic Ball of Fire
      Day 180: Carpinteria, CA to Santa Ynez, CA: Experience Pays Off
      Day 181: Santa Ynez, CA to Santa Maria, CA: A Good Hangover Cure
      Day 182: Santa Maria, CA: People Of Myth
      Day 183: Santa Maria, CA: Jurassic Castle
      Day 184: Santa Maria, CA to Templeton, CA: From One Glenesk To Another
      Day 185: Templeton, CA to King City, CA: A Day Earned
      Day 186: King City, CA to Monterey, CA: A Long Headwind
      Day 187: Monterey, CA to Santa Cruz, CA: A Beautiful Day
      Day 188: Santa Cruz, CA: Wearing The Bitter Old Man Hat
      Day 189: Santa Cruz, CA to Fremont, CA: Crash
      Day 190: Fremont, CA to San Francisco, CA and Back: To The City By the Bay
      Day 191: Fremont, CA: Let The Good Times Roll
      Day 192: Fremont, CA: Climbing To The Top
      Day 193: Fremont, CA to San Francisco, CA: The Beginning of The End
      Day 194: San Francisco, CA: Escaping From More Than Alcatraz
      Day 195: San Francisco, CA: A Long Walk, Some Beer and A Hectic Walk
      Day 196: San Francisco, CA to Marshall, CA: Across the Golden Gate and Into Nor Cal
      Day 197: Marshall, CA to Sea Ranch, CA: A Beautiful Fright
      Day 198: Sea Ranch, CA to Cleone, CA: These Happy Days Are Yours And Mine
      Day 199: Cleone, CA to Redway, CA: Grey Skies & Big Trees
      Day 200: Redway, CA to McKinleyville, CA: A Ride Longer Than Planned
      Day 201-206: McKinleyville, CA: A Taste of a Different Kind of Trip
      Day 207: McKinleyville, CA to Klamath, CA: A Road To Call Our Own
      Day 208: Klamath, CA to Gold Beach, OR: Bridges To Everywhere


      Day 209: Gold Beach, OR to Sunset Bay State Park, OR: A Curious Rain
      Day 210: Sunset Bay State Park, OR to Florence, OR: Signs Of Canada
      Day 211: Florence, OR to Corvallis, OR: A Wonderful Change of Plans
      Day 212: Corvallis, OR: The Hash
      Day 213: Corvallis, OR: Recovery Day
      Day 214: Corvallis, OR to Portland, OR: A Rainy Day on the Job
      Day 215: Portland, OR: A Good Vibe
      Day 216: Portland, OR: Return of The Hash
      Day 217: Portland, OR to Centralia, WA: A Rainy Century


      Day 218: Centralia, WA to University Place, WA: Riding to the Sound
      Day 219: University Place, WA to Port Townsend, WA: Seeing the Light at the End of the Tunnel
      Day 220: Port Townsend, WA to Lopez Island, WA: On Vacation
      Day 221: Lopez Island, WA to Friday Harbor, WA: The Wet Island
      Day 222: Friday Harbor, WA to Moran State Park, WA: Lucky Days
      Day 223: Moran State Park, WA to Friday Harbor, WA: At the Top of the San Juans...Without Health Insurance
      Day 224: Friday Harbor, WA to Victoria, BC: Back To Canada and a Taste of Real Life

British Columbia

      Day 225: Victoria, BC: Working With a Cold
      Day 226: Victoria, BC: Where People Care About Hockey
      Day 227: Victoria, BC to Vancouver, BC: Off the Island
      Day 228-232: Vancouver, BC: A Vancouver Holiday
      Day 233-234: Vancouver, BC to Winnipeg, MB: Rolling Down the Tracks Home


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