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Two Brothers ~Grande Tour 2010~ USA-West-East

Anacortes, WA - Yorktown, VA via (Modified Routing) Northern Tier, Lewis & Clark, Great Rivers, and Trans America ACA Routes

4,706 miles (7,574 km) over 136 days from May 28, 2010 to October 10, 2010

Topic: Bicycle Touring  
Categories: Tour diaries, Road bikes, 1-3 months, Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, Great Rivers South, Lewis & Clark Trail, Northern Tier, TransAmerica Trail, USA Coast to Coast, USA West to East, West to East
Locales: North America, United States, Alaska, Anchorage, Anchorage, Colorado, El Paso, Colorado Springs, Washington, Skagit, Anacortes, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Pennington, Thief River Falls, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Virginia
Year: 2010


Copyright © 2010-2014 By Curt Harris and JW Harris - (contact)

Status: Completed Dec 2010
Last update: Thursday December 2, 2010 20:21 (US/Pacific) (edited Fri 3 Dec 2010 11:05 (US/Pacific))
73,154 hits since April 12, 2010 (hitcounts updated nightly)
741 pics

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Who we are and why we're doing this
Initial Planning: How are we going to pull this off?
Our Route: At least for now anyway
A Word About The Guestbook: Let us know what you think about our journal or trip
Our Bikes
Getting Close Now
A Good Saturday Ride
Monday 5-3: 16 Day Until The Ferry Leaves
Clean Air Challenge Weekend: An excellent shake-down ride
Little Brother Weighs In
It Begins! The Ferry Ride Southbound: Alaska's Marine Highways
Getting Ready To Depart Ketchikan: It's a GREAT day!
Finally In Bellingham: and it's pouring rain!
Day 1 - Belingham to Anacortes, WA
Day 2 - Anacortes to Whidbey Island (Ft. Casey), WA & Rtn: The Offical Wheel Dip
Day 3 - Anacortes to Burlington, WA: - More rain!!
Day 4 - Burlington to Rockport, WA: 1st Dry Day ... Riding
Day 5 - Rockport to Newhalem, WA: Rain, Rain, Heavy Rain, and Rain!!!
Day 6 - Newhalen to Mazama, WA: Climbing the North Cascade a real BEAR!
Day 7 - Mazama, WA: Layover (and dry out gear) Day
Day 8 - Mazama to Okanogan, WA: Loup Loup Pass 4,020' - Awesome Day (an dry)!!!
Day 9 - Okanogan to Wauconda, WA: Heavy Sunday Traffic on WA Hwy 20 - Butt Kicker Climb to finish the day
Day 10 - Wauconda to Kettle Falls, WA: Two Mtn Passes Today ~ Very Long, Hard Day!
Day 11 - Kettle Falls to Colville, WA: Showers, Laundry (Kettle Falls) & Journal Catch-up (Colville)
Day 12 - Colville to Ione, WA: Some climbing and chased by the weather again.
Day 13 - Ione, WA. to Oldtown, ID.: Demoralized by Heavy Rain and Cross into Idaho
Day 14 - Oldtown to Kootenai, ID: Oh Idaho Please Grant us Fair Weather Travel
Day 15 - Kootenai, ID to MT Hwy Jct 200 & 56: Rejoice For This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made
Day 16 - MT Hwy Jct 200 & 56 to Libby, MT: WOW ... Another Blue Sky Day in the 'Big Sky' State of Montana
Day 17 - Libby, MT: Layover/Rest Day
Day 18 - Libby to Eureka, MT: WOW ... Can Montana Ever Deliver on Scenery
Day 19 - Eureka to Whitefish, MT: Guess What? It Rains in Montana Too.
Day 20 - Whitefish, MT: Stuck in Whitefish,MT by Steady Rain
Day 21 - Whitefish to Stanton Creek Lodge CG, MT: We Push on in Light Rain, Meet up with the Hanners'
Day 22 - Stanton Cteek Lodge CG to East Glacier, MT: Clearing Weather Riding to East Glacier, MT ... Saw Rocky Mountain Goats
Day 23 - East Glacier to Dupuyer, MT: Blackfeet Indian & Cattle Country
Day 24 - Dupuyer to Choteau, MT: Another Day Battling the Weather, This is Getting Old
Day 25 - Choteau to Great Falls, MT: Made it to Great Falls, our First Major City Enroute
Day 28 - A Sad Announcement: Still In Great Falls, MT
Still In Great Falls, MT: Harry Update
Day 29 - Moving On Solo Without Harry: Great Falls to Highwood, MT
Day 30 - Highwood to Geraldine, MT: Another day in the heat!
Day 31 - Geraldine to Brooks, MT: Charles Russell's Big Sky Country
Day 32 - Brooks to Lewistown, MT: A cleanup, wash up & catch up day
Day 33 - Lewistown to Mosby, MT (Hill Ranch Oasis B&B): A bikers dream - mostly downhill & a tailwind.
Day 34 - Mosby to the MT Hwy 24 Intersection, MT: Hilly country - More great tailwinds
Day 35 - MT Hwy 24 Intersection to Fort Peck Dam, MT: A long hot day of grind, grind & grind
Day 36 - Fort Peck Dam to Wolf Point, MT: Another HOT day - Saved by a swimming pool
Day 37 - Wolf Point to Culbertson, MT: Trains & more trains
Day 38 - Rest Day In Culbertson, MT
Day 39 - Culbertson, MT to Ray, ND: A new state today
Day 40 - Ray to Berthold, ND: A day ended by thunder & hail
Day 41 - Berthold to Surrey, ND: A good day & feeling great.
Day 42 - Surrey to Rugby, ND: Rain, rain & more rain
Day 43 - Rugby to Starkweather, ND: Thick fog - then sun, and farmland everywhere
Day 44 - Starkweather to Grafton, ND
Day 45 - Grafton, ND to Thief River Falls, MN: Home in time for supper!
Day 46 - Thief River Falls to Clearbrook, MN: Back in the saddle again!
Day 47 - Clearbrook to Walker, MN: Riding the Paul Bunyan Trail
Day 48 - Walker to Brainerd, MN: Interesting afternoon in the rain
Day 49 - Brainerd to Foley, MN: I heard the corn growing!
Day 50 - Foley to Fridley, MN: The best deli sandwich ever!
Day 51 - Woodbury, MN to Stockholm, WI: A new chapter begins in the adventure
Day 52 - Stockholm to Perot State Park (Trempealeau), WI: A great day of "Lock and Dam" sights
Day 53 - Perot State Park (Trempealeau) to Ferryville, WI: Barges get stuck passing through a set of Locks
Day 54 - Ferryville to Bagley, WI
Day 55 - Bagley to Dickeyville, WI: Another hot, humid and hilly day!
Day 56 - Dickeyville, WI to Thompson, IL: Another new state - Illinois
Day 57 - Thompson, IL to Muscatine, IA: Another new state, if just for the night
Day 58 - Muscatine, IA to Dallas City, IL: More flat farmland
Day 59 - Dallas City to Quincy, IL: An interesting day of history & scenic views
Day 60 - Quincy, ILL to Hannibal, MO: Welcome to Mark Twain Country!
Rest Day in Hannibal, MO: Touring Mark Twain & Cameron Caves
Day 61 - Hannibal to Troy, MO: A detour down a big 4-land freeway
Day 62 - Troy to St. Louis, MO: An afternoon on the Katy Trail
Rest Days & Being A Tourist: St. Louis, Mo - A City Loaded With History!
Day 63 - St. Louis, MO to Fort De Chartres, IL: Over the bridge & through the corn
Day 64 - Fort De Chartres to Little Grassy Lake Campground, IL: Into the Shawnee National Forest & Hilly Country
Day 65 - Little Grassy Lake Campground to Lake Glendale Campground, IL: More hills - More Shawnee National Forest
Day 66 - Lake Glendale Campground, IL to Marion, KY: Across the river into a new state!
Day 67 - Marion to Utica, KY: Not a good day!
Day 68 - Utica to Rough River Lake Campground, KY: Not a bad day, considering yesterday
Day 69 - Rough River Lake Campground to Sonora, KY: Sore & wet I pushed on
Day 70 - Sonora to Mammoth Cave National Park, KY: An interesting day!
Day 71 - Mammoth Cave National Park to Cave City, KY: An amazing cave tour!!
Day 72 - Cave City to Bardstown, KY: Abe Lincoln, Railroads & Kentucky Bourbon
Day 73 - Bardstown to Harrodsburg, KY: A long day & hilly country
Day 74 - Harrodsburg to Berea, KY: A Very Challenging Day!
Day 75 - Berea to Booneville, KY: Up the big hill and over to the Kentucky River
Day 76 - Booneville to Buckhorn, KY: Bad dogs, fog & a short day
Day 77 - Buckhorn to Hindman, KY: Saved by a kind home owner
Day 78 - Hindman to Lookout, KY: The kindness of a road angel pays off again
Day 79 - Lookout, KY to Breaks, VA: A well earned short day & rest
Day 80 - Breaks to Elk Garden, VA: Into the Appalachian Mountains
Day 81 - Elk Garden to Damascus, VA: Most southern point of the adventure
Day 82 - Damascus to Rural Retreat, VA: Through Jefferson National Forest
Rain Days – Sunday & Monday - In Rural Retreat, VA
Day 83 - Rural Retreat to Christiansburg, VA: Another map section finished - One more to go!
Day 84 - Christiansburg to Troutville, VA: A wet afternoon & then a trail angel!
Day 85 - Troutville to Mallard Duck Campground, VA: Approaching the Blue Ridge
Day 86 - Mallard Duck Campground to Afton, VA: A Great Day on the Parkway!
Day 87 - Afton to Charlottesville, VA: It's all down hill now
Day 88 - Charlottesville to Mineral, VA: A great day to be alive!
Day 89 - Mineral to Glendale, VA: A day of battlefield parks
Day 90 - Glendale to Yorktown, VA: I Made It!!! It's A Great Day!
Oct. 8th - Touring Yorktown
Oct. 9th - Touring Williamsburg
Day 91 - Yorktown to Richmond, VA: At last, done riding for the summer!

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