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Bike the USA 2010

A two-wheeled tour of America

4,046 miles (6,512 km) over 97 days from July 4, 2010 to October 8, 2010

Topic: Bicycle Touring  
Categories: Tour diaries, Equipment lists, 3-6 months, Lewis & Clark Trail, TransAmerica Trail, USA Coast to Coast, USA West to East, West to East
Locales: North America, United States, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia, Delaware
Year: 2010


Copyright © 2010-2014 By Rich Vertigan - (contact)

Status: Completed Jan 2011
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Lewis and Clark to TransAm to Katy Trail to Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal

Table of Contents

Pre-ride Stuff
      Introduction: "The time has come," the Walrus said, "to talk of many things..."
      The Route: A Real Hodge-Podge
      The Bike and Bags
      Getting from Upstate NY to the West Coast
      Packing List: A Work in Progress
      Test Rides: To be updated regularly
      One month to go!
      10 days to go: "All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go..."
      The Guestbook
      Thank Yous: To one and all
      I'm leavin' on a jet plane: don't know when I'll be back again
Part 1: Seaside, OR, to Missoula, MT
      Day 0 - Seaside, OR: Last-minute preparations and an otherwise lazy day
      Day 1 - Seaside, OR, to Clatskanie, OR: Following Lewis and Clark - backwards
      Day 2 - Clatskanie, OR, to Scappoose, OR: Recovery day, of sorts
      Day 3 - Scappoose, OR, to Troutdale, OR: Back on schedule, and it's getting hot
      Day 4 - Troutdale, OR, to Hood River, OR: Hills, headwinds, heat, hydration, and dancing with trucks
      Day 5 - Rest Day, Hood River,OR
      Day 6 - Hood River, OR, to Biggs Junction, OR: A couple of early climbs, a tailwind, and farewell to I-84
      Day 7 - Biggs, OR, to Crow Butte, WA: Dry heat, gentle grades, a sweet sweet tailwind, and overflow camping
      Day 8 - Crow Butte, WA, to Umatilla, OR: Hot, no services, a better plan
      Day 9 - Umatilla, OR, to Walla Walla, WA: High winds, blowing dust, and the fastest 57 miles I've ever done
      Day 10 - Walla Walla, WA, to Dayton, WA: Late start and a short day. It's all about positioning...
      Day 11 - Dayton, WA, to Clarkston, WA: Big miles, big climbing, big day
      Day 12 - Rest Day - Clarkston, WA: The Hell's Canyon jetboat tour was spectacular
      Day 13 - Clarkston, WA, to Winchester, ID: Biggest climbing day yet
      Day 14 - Winchester, ID, to Kamiah, ID: Was it really downhill?
      Day 15 - Kamiah, ID, to Wilderness Gateway Campground, ID: Was it really uphill?
      Day 16 - Wilderness Gateway Campground, ID, to Powell Campground, ID: Yes, this was truly uphill
      Day 17 - Powell, ID, to Missoula, MT: The bear went over the mountain, and kept grinding out the miles to Missoula
Part 2: Rest week in Missoula, and trip to Glacier National Park
      Glacier NP, and Touring Montana: WOW!
Part 3: Onward from Missoula - Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado
      Day 18 - Missoula, MT, to Hamilton, MT: Back in the saddle again
      Day 19 - Hamilton, MT, to 7 miles south of Sula, MT: A surprise tailwind extended my plan
      Day 20 - 7 miles south of Sula, MT, to Wisdom, MT: My legs appreciated the deteriorating weather
      Day 21 - Wisdom, MT, to Jackson, MT: A very short day, a hot springs, and a break for the legs
      Day 22 - Jackson, MT, to Dillon, MT: Two big climbs, but more down than up
      Day 23 - Dillon, MT, to Alder, MT: A kinder gentler day, with much camaraderie, and going over 1,000 miles
      Day 24 - Alder, MT, to West Fork Madison Campground, MT: A longer day than planned, but an evening with friends
      Day 25 - West Fork Madison Campground, MT, to West Yellowstone, MT: A much tougher day than expected, but also a very interesting one
      Day 26 - Rest Day, West Yellowstone, MT: Planning ahead, errands, and a day of rest
      Day 27 - West Yellowstone, MT, to Madison Campground, Yellowstone National Park, WY: A short day to set up a longer one tomorrow
      Day 28 - Yellowstone Park, WY - Madison to Grant Village: Two crossings of the Continental Divide
      Day 29 - Grant Village, Yellowstone NP, to Colter Bay Village, Grand Teton NP: Dancing with storms
      Day 30 - Colter Bay Village, Grand Teton NP, to Angles USFS CG, west of Togwotee Pass, WY: On-the-road visit from a friend and fellow traveler!
      Day 31 - Angles USFS Campground to Dubois, WY: The rest of the climb, bigtime road construction, and a whole lot of downhill
      Day 32 - Dubois, WY, to Lander, WY: Big miles in the big ring
      Day 33 - Rest Day, Lander, WY: Taking care of business
      Day 34 - Lander, WY, to Sweetwater Station, WY: Breaking up a long stretch of nothing
      Day 35 - Sweetwater Station, WY, to Rawlins, WY: A long day, and not necessarily by choice
      Day 36 - Rawlins, WY, to Saratoga, WY: The day my luck ran out
      Day 37 - Saratoga, WY, to Walden, CO: The wind giveth, and the wind taketh away
      Day 38 - Rest Day - Walden, CO: The legs didn't want to go
      Day 39 - Walden, CO, to Hot Sulphur Springs, CO: Out of the prairies and into the mountains
      Day 40 - Hot Sulphur Springs, CO, to Dillon, CO: Fair skies, following winds, and great scenery
      Day 41 - Dillon, CO, to Fairplay, CO: Short miles, but a tough climbing day
      Day 42 - Fairplay, CO, to Canon City, CO: Good-bye Rockies, hello foothills
      Day 43 - Canon City, CO, to Pueblo, CO: Outrunning the rain to a rest day
      Day 44 - Rest Day - Pueblo, CO
      Day 45 - Pueblo, CO, to Ordway, CO: Straight, flat, and steady
      Day 46 - Ordway, CO, to Eads, CO: Early start to outrun the heat and the wind
Part 4: Kansas and Missouri
      Day 47 - Eads, CO, to Tribune, KS: Past 2,000 miles, and into a new state
      Day 48 - Tribune, KS, to Scott City, KS: Kansas shouldn't be this hard
      Day 49 - Scott City, KS, to Ness City, KS: Another windy day on the Plains
      Day 50 - Ness City, KS, to Hoisington, KS: Off the TransAm route and on my own
      Day 51 - Hoisington, KS, to Lindsborg, KS: Heat, humidity, and a little more wind
      Day 52 - Rest day, Lindsborg, KS: Little Sweden, USA
      Day 53 - Lindsborg, KS, to Herington, KS: A pleasant day's riding, a refreshing change
      Day 54 - Herington, KS, to Lake Waubaunsee, KS: Dinner and visiting with some great new friends
      Day 55 - Lake Waubaunsee, KS, to Ottawa, KS: A longer day than I expected
      Day 56 - Ottawa, KS, to Harrisonville, MO: Celebrity status, more rollers and another new state
      Day 57 - Harrisonville, MO, to Windsor, MO: A tough one, but better days ahead
      Day 58 - Windsor, MO, to Boonville, MO: Hello Katy, good-bye rollers
      Day 59 - Boonville, MO, to Jefferson City, MO: Easy flat ride to the state capital
      Day 60 - Rest Day - Jefferson City, MO: The washout day that wasn't
      Day 61 - Jefferson City, MO, to Peers, MO: A long murky day on the Katy
      Day 62 - Peers, MO, to St. Charles, MO: "Vacation" time
Part 5: A few days off near St. Louis
      September 12 and 13: Whirlwind tour of St. Louis
Part 6: Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio
      Day 63 - St. Charles, MO, to Hamel, IL: Back east of the Mississippi
      Day 64 - Hamel, IL, to Effingham, IL: Long, flat, and straight
      Day 65 - Effingham, IL, to Sullivan, IN: Camping - what a concept!
      Day 66 - Sullivan, IN, to Bloomington, IN: Rollers, traffic, AND a headwind
      Day 67 - Rest Day - Bloomington, IN: Errands, paperwork, rest, route changes, and reading
      Day 68 - Bloomington, IN, to North Vernon, IN: A better day after a good rest
      Day 69 - North Vernon, IN, to Lawrenceburg, IN: The many faces of US-50
      Day 70 - Lawrenceburg, IN, to Batavia, OH: Good morning, Cincinnati!
      Day 71 - Batavia, OH, to Chillicothe, OH: Another steamy Ohio day
      Day 72 - Chillicothe, OH, to Athens, OH: It shouldn't have been that easy...
      Day 73 - Athens, OH, to Marietta, OH: It shouldn't have been that hard...
      Day 74 - Rest day - Marietta, OH: Laundry and sightseeing
      Day 75 - Marietta, OH, to Moundsville, WV: Rollin' on the river
Part 7: West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, DC, Delaware
      Day 76 - Rainy Days and Mondays
      Day 77 - Moundsville, WV, to Waynesburg, PA: Rainy, raw roller coaster
      Day 78 - Waynesburg, PA, to Connellsville, PA: Another very hilly day, hopefully the last (!)
      Day 79 - Another rain day - Connellsville, PA
      Day 80 - Connellsville, PA, to Meyersdale, PA: A cool day on the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP)
      Day 81 - Meyersdale, PA, to Devil's Alley CG, C & O Canal NHP, MD: Thirty-two (GAP) plus forty-three (C & O) = Big day
      Day 82 - Devil's Alley CG, MD, to Williamsport, MD: Short day to a dry motel
      Day 83 - Williamsport, MD, to Brunswick, MD: Sloppy wet day on the C&O Canal
      Day 84 - Brunswick, MD, to Arlington, VA: Back to civilization, in a big way
      Day 85 - Arlington, VA, to Bowie, MD: Through the nation's capital, and back into MD
      Day 86 - Bowie, MD, to Denton, MD: Super weather, flat roads, and a big tailwind
      Day 87 - Denton, MD, to Rehoboth Beach, DE: A beautiful day and an amazing finish with friends
Summary, Afterthoughts, Etc.
      Some basic summary statistics: No philosophy just yet...
      For all of you fans of Google Earth
      That Packing List: What got sent home, what did I keep, what did I change?
            Camping, Motels, and Cooking: What do those summary numbers mean?
The End

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