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A Pino a Bob and a Dream

Realizing our dreams on a Pino Tandem: USA Coast to Coast, USA Pacific Coast,

5,733 miles (9,226 km) over 142 days from April 16, 2013 to September 4, 2013

Topic: Bicycle Touring  
Categories: Tour diaries, Equipment lists, Recumbent, Tandem, 3-6 months, Pacific Coast, TransAmerica Trail, USA Coast to Coast, East to West
Locale: North America, United States
Year: 2013
Keywords: First extended tour, Semi Recumbent Tandem, Hase Pino, Bob Yak Trailer


Copyright © 2013-2014 By Julie Lovegrove - (contact)

Status: Completed Nov 2013Featured Journal #587
Last update: Sunday December 15, 2013 09:28 (US/Pacific) (edited Mon 27 Oct 2014 12:21 (US/Pacific))
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Table of Contents


Why are we doing this?

Keeping in Touch

The Bike - Hase Pino

Visa Information

Other Preparations


Equipment List

Boxing the Pino and Bob for flying

Saying Goobye

Many Thanks



Day 1 - London to Washington DC: We're coming to America

Day 2 - Sterling VA to Arlington VA: Our first day on the road

Day 3 - Arlington VA to Pohick Bay Regional Park VA: Meeting the Bent Riders

Day 4 - Pohick Bay Campground VA to Fredericksburg VA: A long ride, hot and humid

Day 5 - Fredericksburg VA to Coles Point VA: The kindness of strangers

Day 6 - Coles Point VA to Topping VA: A Scary Bridge Crossing

Day 7 - Topping VA to Yorktown VA: Yorktown the start of the Transam and our dream ride

The Transam

Day 8 - Yorktown VA to Glendale VA: Wheel Dipping and we're off, Oregon here we come!

Day 9 - Glendale VA to Ashland VA: Our second night camping

Day 10 - Ashland VA to Mineral VA: Staying at Mineral Fire Dept

Day 11 - Rest day in Mineral: A Chicken Dinner

Day 12 - Mineral VA to Charlottesville VA: Mountains are looming in the distance

Day 13 - Charlottesville VA to Aton VA: To the Cookie Lady's House, the Long Way Round!

Day 14 - Afton VA to Lexington VA: On the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

Day 15 - Lexington VA to Troutville VA: The dogs keep on at us, and we're not even in Kentucky yet!

Day 16 - Troutville VA to Christiansburg VA: Pushing the bike uphill again

Day 17 - Christiansburg VA to Wytheville VA: Talking to the scouts about our tour

Day 18 - Wytheville VA to Troutdale VA: Staying with the hikers

Day 19 - Troutdale VA to Rosedale VA: Walking up Hayters Gap

Day 20 - Rest Day at Elk Garden Methodist Church: Going to Church


Day 21 - Rosedale VA to Lookout KY: We made it to Kentucky!

Day 22 - Lookout KY to Hindman KY: Pushing up three hard big hills

Day 23 - Hindman KY to Booneville KY: Three big thunderstorms, we got soaked, and we hit our first 1000 miles!

Day 24 - Booneville KY to Berea KY: Reaching the end of the first two Transam maps and the Appalachian Mountains

Day 25 - Rest Day in Berea: Catching up on everything and a delicious buffet lunch

Day 26 - Berea KY to Harrodsburg KY: The Rolling Hills of Eastern Kentucky

Day 27 - Harrodsburg KY to Bardstown KY: The sad dog incident

Day 28 - Bardstown KY to Hodgenville KY: A perfect cycling day and meeting Greg

Day 29 - Hodgenville KY to Rough River Dam State Park KY: Temperature rising

Day 30 - Rough River Dam State Park KY to Utica KY: Staying at Utica Fire Dept

Day 31 - Utica KY to Marion KY: Limping into Marion with a cut and bruised knee

Day 32 - Rest day at Marion United Methodist Church: A visit to the Ben E Clement Mineral Museum


Day 33 - Marion KY to Tunnel Hill IL: Down by the Banks of the Ohio

Day 34 - Tunnel Hill IL to Carbondale IL: A great evening with our Warmshowers host Brady

Day 35 - Carbondale IL to Chester IL: Riding the Mississippi Levee


Day 36 - Chester IL to Farmington MO: Our fourth state

Day 37 - Farmington MO to Johnsons Shut - Ins State Park MO: A scary dog chase, and staying at a State Park

Day 38 - Johnsons Shut-Ins State Park MO to Ellington MO: Visiting the Shut-Ins State Park

Day 39 - Ellington MO to Alley Spring MO: A Fish Friday Buffet Lunch

Day 40 - Alley Spring MO to Houston MO: Alley Spring and Mill

Day 41 - Houston MO to Marshfield MO: Riding on Route 66

Day 42 - Marshfield MO to Everton MO: Staying at a hunting lodge


Day 43 - Everton MO to Pittsburg KS: We made it to Kansas Dorothy

Day 44 - Pittsburg KS to Chanute KS: Hair Affair

Day 45 - Chanute KS to Toronto KS: Riding in a storm

Day 46 - Toronto KS to Cassoday KS: The Flint Hills of Kansas

Day 47 - Cassoday KS to Newton KS: Staying at Newton Fire Dept

Day 48 - Newton KS to Nickerson KS: A perfect day for cycling

Day 49 - Nickerson KS to Larned KS: Riding 58 miles on one straight road without any services

Day 50 - Larned KS to Ness City KS: Riding with a fantastic tailwind behind us

Day 51 - Ness City KS to Scott City KS: Feeling sad as its our last day with our beautiful Transam friends

Day 52 - Scott City KS to Tribune KS: Staying in the lovely town of Tribune


Day 53 - Tribune KS to Eads CO: We made it to Colorado

Day 54 - Eads CO to Ordway CO: Staying at Gillian's small holding

Day 55 - Ordway CO to Pueblo CO: Our first glimpse of the Rocky Mountains

Day 56 - Rest day in Pueblo: Let down by Vances bike shop

Day 57 - Pueblo CO to Canon City CO: The Royal Gorge Fire

Day 58 - Guffey CO to Hartsel CO: Dan our hero of the day

Day 59 - Hartsel CO to Breckenridge CO: An emotional climb to the top of Hoosier Pass

Day 60 - Breckenridge CO to Frisco CO: Reunited with family for a few days

Day 61 & 62 -Frisco CO to Dillon Reservoir Campsite CO: Rest days with family

Day 63 - Dillon Reservoir CO to Hot Sulphur Springs CO: A dip in the Sulphur Springs

Day 64 - Hot Sulphur Spings CO to Walden CO: Cycling over Willow Creek Pass 9,659 ft


Day 65 - Walden CO to Saratoga WY: We entered our 7th State Wyoming

Day 66 -Saratoga WY to Rawlins WY: 3000 miles on the clock!

Day 67 - Rawlins WY to Jeffrey City WY: Battling against the winds of Wyoming

Day 68 - Jeffrey City WY to Lander WY: A nice camping spot in Lander

Day 69 - Lander WY to Dubois WY: Great scenery but a tough days ride

Day 70 - Dubois WY to Grand Tetons RV Resort, Moran Junction WY: Our first sighting of the magnificent Tetons mountain range *

Day 71 - Grand Tetons RV Resort, Moran Jct WY to Colter Bay Village WY: Being Bear Aware

Day 72 - Colter Bay Village WY to Grant Village WY: A test ride on a two wheeled recumbent


Day 73 - Grant Village WY to West Yellowstone MT: You can rely on Old Faithful for a Grand Display

Day 74 - Rest Day in West Yellowstone MT: A Change of Plan

Day 75 - West Yellowstone MT to Ennis MT: A big Thunderstorm

Day 76 - Ennis MT to Twin Bridges MT: A visit to an Old Gold Mining Town

Day 77 - Twin Bridges MT to Countryside RV Park, Nr Dillon MT: A short day in anticipation of two passes we have to climb tomorrow morning

Day 78 - Countryside RV Park, Nr Dillon MT to Wisdom MT: Being eaten alive by Mozzies in Wisdom

Day 79 - Wisdom MT to Darby MT: A visit to Lightfoot Cycles and a Refreshing Dip in the River

Day 80 - Darby MT to Florence MT: 4th July Holiday

Day 81 - Florence MT to Missoula MT: A visit to the Adventure Cycling Association Headquarters

Day 82 - Rest Day in Missoula MT: A visit to the Farmers Market


Day 83 - Missoula MT to Powell Jct ID: Another Mountain Pass, a New State and a New Time Zone

Day 84 - Powell Jct ID to Lowell ID: A Beautiful Days Ride along the Lochsa River

Day 85 - Lowell ID to Grangeville ID: Heat, hills and logging trucks - not a good combination

Day 86 - Grangeville ID to Pollock ID: Camping by the Little Salmon River

Day 87 - Pollock ID to Cambridge ID: Another Milestone - 4000 miles on the clock


Day 88 - Cambridge ID to Halfway OR: A Stunning Ride through Hells Canyon

Day 89 - Halfway OR to Baker City OR: Dodging Bullets

Day 90 - Rest Day in Baker City OR: Resting our legs for the next leg

Day 91 - Baker City OR to Prairie City OR: A Trio of Mountain Passes

Day 92 - Prairie City OR to Dayville OR: An easy day following the John Day River downhill

Day 93 - Dayville OR to Mitchell OR: Riding through the Picture Gorge

Day 94 - Mitchell OR to Prineville OR: Ochoco Pass

Day 95 - Prineville OR to Sisters OR: Faith, Hope, and Charity

Day 96 - Sisters OR to Mckenzie Bridge OR: Mckenzie Pass and the Lava Field

Day 97 - McKenzie Bridge OR to Fern Ridge Lake OR: Our second puncture

Day 98 - Fern Ridge Lake OR to Florence OR: We made it across the USA!

Day 99 - Rest Day in Florence OR: Enjoying not doing very much

The Pacific Coast

Day 100 - Florence OR to Charleston OR: Our first day riding on the Pacific coast

Day 101 - Charleston OR to Humbug Mountain State Park OR: Camping with our new Pacific Coast Buddies

Day 102 - Humbug State Park OR to Harris State Park, Brookings OR: Enjoying the views but not the traffic


Day 103 - Brookings OR to Klamath CA: California Dreaming in our last state

Day 104 - Klamath CA to Mckinleyville CA: Viewing Redwood Trees and Elk

Day 105 - McKinleyville CA to Stafford CA: My birthday on the road

Day 106 - Stafford CA to Standish Hickey State Rec Area CA: The Avenue of the Giants

Day 107 - Standish Hickey State Rec Area CA to Fort Bragg CA: We hit 5000 miles on Leggett Hill

Day 108 - Rest Day in Fort Bragg CA: A walk around the Old Town

Day 109 - Fort Bragg CA to Gualala Point Regional Park CA: Meeting Judy

Day 110 - Gualala Point Regional Park CA to Bodega Bay CA: Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds'

Day 111 - Bodega Bay CA to Samuel P Taylor State Park CA: Cycling along Tomales Bay

Day 112 - Samuel P Taylor State Park CA to San Francisco CA: Cycling the Golden Gate Bridge

Day 113 & 114 - Rest Days in San Francisco CA: The Streets of San Francisco

Day 115 - San Francisco CA to Half Moon Bay CA: I left my heart in San Francisco

Day 116 - Half Moon Bay CA to Santa Cruz CA: A surprise invitation

Day 117 - Rest Day in Santa Cruz CA: A fun day with Don and Laura

Day 118 - Santa Cruz CA to Monterey CA: Strawberry Fields Forever

Day 119 - Monterey CA to Pfeiffer State Park, Big Sur CA: Riding the Big Sur

Day 120 - Pfeiffer State Park CA to Plaskett Creek State Park CA: Sleeping Beauties

Day 121 - Plaskett State Park CA to San Simeon State Park CA: Viewing the Elephant Seals

Day 122 - San Simeon State Park CA to Morro Bay State Park CA: Deep Fried Oreos

Day 123 - Morro Bay State Park CA to Arroyo Grande CA: Meeting my Penfriend

Day 124, 125, 126 - Rest Days in Arroyo Grande: Spending time with friends and seeing the area

Day 127 - Arroyo Grande CA to Lompoc CA: Back on the Road Again

Day 128 - Lompoc CA to Buellton CA: Andersen's famous split pea soup

Day 129 - Buellton CA to Lake Cachuma CA: A visit to the Danish Town of Solvang

Day 130 - Rest Day at Lake Cachuma CA: Chillin out

Day 131 - Lake Cachuma CA to Carpinteria CA: Climbing our last pass of the tour

Day 132 - Rest Day in Carpinteria: Swimming in the Ocean

Day 133 - Carpinteria CA to Leo Carrilo State Park: Ventura Highway

Day 134 - Rest Day at Leo Carrillo State Park: Watching the Surfers

Day 135 - Leo Carrillo State Park CA to Venice CA: Our last day cycling

Day 136 & 137 Rest Days in Venice: Riding the beach cruisers and a visit to Hollywood

Day 138 &139 - Rest Days in Venice: Packing up the bike and a visit to the Getty Villa

Day 139 & 141- Rest Days in Venice: Labour Day at Venice Beach and a visit to the Mosiac House

Day 142 - Our Last Day: Leaving on a jet plane

Settling in back at home

Marks Bit

Kit Review


Pino Photo Shoot Part 1: A selection of some of the superb photos of us taken by Thane in Kansas

Pino Photo Shoot Part 2: More of Thanes stunning photography work, Climbing Hoosier Pass, Colorado

Our Next Big Adventure

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