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Flight to Spring - UGRR

Going in Reverse on the Lower Third of the Underground Railroad

718 miles (1,156 km) over 11 days from April 9, 2011 to April 19, 2011

Topic: Bicycle Touring  
Categories: Tour diaries, Equipment lists, Road bikes, 1-2 weeks, First tour, Underground Railroad (UGRR)
Locales: North America, United States, Kentucky, McCracken, Paducah, Tennessee, Hardin, Shiloh National Military Park, Alabama, Mobile, Mobile Bay
Year: 2011
Keywords: First Solo Tour


Copyright © 2011-2014 By Mark Herman - (contact)

Status: Completed May 2011
Last update: Saturday May 7, 2011 06:34 (US/Pacific) (edited Thu 10 May 2012 06:02 (US/Pacific))
3,016 hits since March 25, 2011 (hitcounts updated nightly)
94 pics

Table of Contents

Whys and Whatnots: "I was born a poor black child." - Navin R. Johnson (The Jerk)
Driving Through History: "Wed woses. How ordinary." - Lili von Sthupp (Blazing Saddles)
Paducah!: "I got friends in low places!" - Garth Brooks
Paducah to Land-Between-the-Lakes: "The Great God Pan is Dead!" - Grover the Satyr (Percy Jackson Series)
LBL to Waverly: "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!" - The Little Engine that Could
Waverly to Perryville: "Have We Got Contact You and Me?" - The Police
Perryville to Savannah: "Gimme three steps towards the door..." - Lynryd Skynyrd
Savannah to Fulton, MS (via Iuka, MS): "Mande?" - A Word from Mexican Spanish
Fulton to Columbus: "This was a good conversation." - Katsumoto (The Last Samurai)
Columbus to Livingston: "Sign, sign, everywhere a sign..." - Five Man Electrical Band
Livingston to Linden: Bicycles Up!
Linden to Grove Hill: Riding through the Aftermath
Grove Hill to Bay Minette: "We got ourselves a crazy cast of characters, we're loaded up and we're headed South!" - Jimmy Buffett (Mexico)
Bay Minette to Mobile: "I'm pretty tired. Think I'll go (to the beach) now." - Forrest Gump

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"Flight to Spring - UGRR" Copyright © 2011-2014 By Mark Herman - (contact). All rights reserved.
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