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Rails to Trails Sojourn 2009

A Sort Tour of Pine Creek Gorge and Pine Creek Valley PA

137 miles (220 km) over 5 days from July 21, 2009 to July 25, 2009

Topic: Bicycle Touring  
Categories: Tour diaries, 3-6 days
Locale: North America, United States
Year: 2009
Keywords: supported, MUP, 50 plus


Copyright © 2009-2014 By John Sullivan - (contact)

Status: Completed Jul 2009
Last update: Monday July 27, 2009 09:11 (US/Pacific) (edited Sun 3 Oct 2010 07:46 (US/Pacific))
3,124 hits since March 4, 2009 (hitcounts updated nightly)
30 pics

Table of Contents

Who, Where, Why: Riding With A Gang
A Month Of Rain: Twenty Four Days of Rain in the Month of June Kept the Riding Miles to a Minimum
Rain, Rain, Rain: Checking the Weather Only Makes It Worse
Day 1 Traveling Blues: A Flat Tire in Rush Hour Traffic on I95 in Conneticut
Day 2. Jersey Shore to Petticoat Junction PA: And The Rains Came
Day 3. Pettycoat Junction to Wellsboro: Trains and More Rain
Day 4. Wellsboro to Jersey Shore: Going Long to ShortenThings
Comparing: Group supported rides vs self supported.

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"Rails to Trails Sojourn 2009" Copyright © 2009-2014 By John Sullivan - (contact). All rights reserved.
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