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An Australian Cyclist Explores Upstate NY and the Erie Canal.

An Aussie on his first Recumbent tours, rides out to discover the real America.

663 miles (1,067 km) over 18 days from September 28, 2007 to October 15, 2007

Topic: Bicycle Touring  
Categories: Tour diaries, Recumbent, 2-4 weeks, Lake Erie Connector
Locale: North America, United States, New York, Onondaga, Erie Canal State Park
Year: 2007
Keywords: touring bicycle downunder bent stull alfred recumbent streetmachine velotechnik erie canal towpath australian


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At times I took the alternate scenic routes suggested in the guide book.

Table of Contents

Why do I want to go on a Bicycle Tour in America?: Because it's a unique country and that's the best way to meet people.

Why start in Alfred NY?: 'Cos that's where the Recumbents are, plus it's scenic.

Alfred to Fillmore. The Caneadea Valley (canny-ah-day-ah): A Fly-Bike holiday with Amish fudge.

"Just A Plane" Bed & Breakfast.: Wow, I never flew one of these before.

Returning to Alfred: Oh boy another big lunch.

Alfred to Letchworth State Park: I never want to see any more steep hills.

Letchworth to Alfred.: Uhoh, shouldn't have tried that short cut...

The Erie Canal. Rochester-Syracuse-Lockport.: Start Day, the 1800's Village.

The Erie Canal. Rochester-Syracuse-Lockport.: Getting started East, Fairport, Palmyra, Newark..

The Erie Canal. Rochester-Syracuse-Lockport.: Montezuma National Park.

The Erie Canal. Rochester-Syracuse-Lockport.: Heading West again. Lyons, Palmyra.

The Erie Canal. Rochester-Syracuse-Lockport.: Rochester to Lockport. Brockport, Medina, Middleport.

The Erie Canal. Rochester-Syracuse-Lockport.: Lockport at last, then Aurora & Soup &crackers.

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