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5 Rules Of Stealth Camp


Topic: Bicycle Touring  
Categories: Camping, Event, Hazards, Howto, Humor
Keywords: stealth camp no money for lodging


Copyright © 2008-2014 By Mark Santa Maria - (contact)

Status: Completed Jul 2008
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May the Ninja be with you

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5 Rules Of Stealth Camp: Ninja

5 Rules Of Stealth Camp

First rule of stealth camp is to to never talk about stealth camp.
You are a ninja, darkness and silence are your friends.

Second rule is to know thine enemies.
Here are some: Dogs, Kids, Partygoers, Wildlife, Pesky park-rangers, Sketchy towners.

Third rule is to achieve perfect timing.
The Zen is highest at dusk; you'll have enough light to prepare and darkness shall protect you soon.

Fourth rule is to attain fluidity.
Leave it. If you feel that you will be caught, LEAVE. Then restrategize. Repeat until you attain the Zen needed for a good night's rest.

Fifth rule is to practice Etiquette.
Leave early, never leave a trace, thank the good folk upstairs for
protecting you, or better yet.. just stay quiet (see rule #1).

- written in the field by bikermice.

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May the Ninja be with you

"5 Rules Of Stealth Camp" Copyright © 2008-2014 By Mark Santa Maria - (contact). All rights reserved.
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