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A Honeymoon to Remember

A Newlywed Test of Physical and Relationship Endurance

11,305 miles (18,194 km) over 637 days from August 4, 2008 to May 2, 2010

Topic: Bicycle Touring  
Categories: World
Locales: Asia, Kazakhstan, Europe, Russia, Mongolia, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Middle East, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, West Bank, Israel, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic
Years: 2008, 2009, 2010


Copyright © 2008-2014 By Erin Arnold Barkley and Sam Barkley - (contact)

Status: Completed Aug 2010Featured Journal #305
Last update: Friday August 6, 2010 08:19 (US/Pacific) (edited Wed 13 Apr 2011 12:11 (US/Pacific))
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Panorama of the Erdene Zuu Monastery, first founded in the 1600s and built with stones from the nearby ruins of Karakorum, the 13th century Mongol capital.

Table of Contents


      Pre-Trip Preparations: Wedding etc.
      Our Route
      A photo-tour of our gear

General Info

      3D flyovers: No need to leave home!
      Shipping & Post Restante: Our country-by-country experiences

Summer 2008

      Kazakhstan: Route map
            August 6, 2008: Hitting the road right off the plane
            Aug. 7: Hottest riding weather ever - 43 C!
            Aug. 8: People give us lots of free food, including undercooked eggs
            Aug. 9: Erin learns not to eat undercooked eggs
            Aug. 10-11: Recovering with lots of Olympics watching in Taldyqorghan
            Aug. 12: We take the bus for 17... erm, 21, no, uh, 23 hours
            Aug. 13: The bus never makes it there and we are happy we have bikes
            Aug. 14: Shopping in Semey
            Aug. 15: Dostoyevsky museum
            Aug. 16: Kazakh cultural observations
            Aug 17: Train into Russia
                  Kazakhstan by the numbers
      Russia: Route map
            Aug. 18: Lovin the Russian roads
            Aug 19: We lose the main road
            Aug 20: At a low point, Sergei rescues us
            Aug 21: We make it to Biysk, Russia
            Aug. 22: We meet friends and dance on a street corner in Biysk
            Aug. 23: Plotting our strategy for Mongolia
            Aug. 24: After two rest days, we leave Biysk
            Aug. 25: Entering the Altai Republic
            Aug. 26: Like Switzerland, only a bit more ramshackle
            Aug. 27: Sam cuts Erin's hair with pocketknife scissors
            Aug. 28: We rise in elevation enough to escape the rain
            Aug. 29: After a scenic pass, we arrive in Ongudai, a depressing town
            Aug. 30: Nothing happens in Ongudai
            Aug. 31: The Katun River 2008 World Rafting Competition
            Sept. 1: First Day of School in the Altai
            Sept. 2: We didn't catch any fish but land our most scenic campspot yet
            Sept. 3: From sublime to slimy in one day
            Sept. 4: Crossing two Russian checkpoints but not the border
                  Russia by the numbers

Fall 2008

      Mongolia: Route map
                  Mongolia: Road guides on googledocs
            Sept. 5: $40 for a 12-mile ride across the Russian/Mongolian border
            Sept. 6: Our rockstar arrival in Olgii
            Sept. 7-13: We are social butterflies in Olgii
            Sept. 7-13: People-watching in Olgii
            Sept. 7-13: Shopping in Olgii
            Sept 13: Left Olgii, but Sam's tire blew out, so we returned to Olgii
            Sept 14: Problem solved, you can find ANYTHING in the Olgii market
            Sept. 15: Fate and weather conditions notwithstanding, we actually leave Olgii
            Sept. 16: Autumn in Mongolia
            Sept. 17: Our stay with the Malchins
            Sept. 18: Caffeine fiends suffer in Mongolia
            Sept. 19: Descending 4000 feet in one day to the desert and Ulaangom
            Sept. 20-23: R&R in Ulaangom
            Sept. 24: Snow encourages us to head south
            Sept. 25: Helpful ger neighbors
            Sept. 26: Camels are still popular U-Hauls in Mongolia
            Sept. 27: Lakeside resort stay with Russian fishing friends
            Sept. 28: Flora and fauna of Khyargas Nuur
            Sept. 29: Long climb towards Ondorhangai
            Sept. 30: Windstorm wakeup and observations on a matriarchal society
            Oct. 1: The Pasture of Indifference
            Oct. 2: Remote Buddhist temple
            Oct. 3: Pictures and video (now posted!) of Tudevtey, a small Mongolian village
            Oct. 4: A night in a hotel (finally!) in Nomrog
            Oct. 5: Still hauling, we spend the night at a truck stop
            Oct. 6: Vodka for breakfast with polite Mongolian truck drivers
            Oct. 7 & 8: Two rest days in Tosentsengel while a storm passes through
            Oct. 9: The Chewy Bit Dilemma and drinking vodka with a local judge
            Oct. 10: Scenic ride to the base of a big climb
            Oct. 11: Over a snowy mountain pass
            Oct. 12: Sam passes the Wyoming bar
            Oct. 13: Determined to reach Tsetserleg, we ride into the night by the light of the full moon
            Oct. 14 - 17: Breakfasts and Buddhas in Tsetserleg
            Oct. 18: To Harhorin, ancient capital of the Mongol Empire
            Oct. 19: Erdene Zuu Monastery and view of ancient Karakorum
            Oct. 20: A mini-desert and trying to beat the winter
            Oct. 21: Sam's 36th birthday and temperatures didn't rise above zero C
            Oct. 22: Stranded by a snow storm in a roadside hotel
            Oct. 23: Brilliant day and easily queasy people should not scroll past the dotted line
            Oct. 24: One last countryside meal with a family
            Oct. 25: We hit UB in time for a martini party at Jocelyn's
            Oct. 26 - Nov. 5: Highlights of our ten day stay in UB
            Nov. 6: A thirty-hour trainride from Ulaanbaatar to Beijing
                  Mongolia by the numbers and reflections
      China: Route map
            Nov. 7: Arrival in the lap of luxury
            Nov. 8-12: Gettin' down to business in Beijing
            Nov. 13: The Forbidden City
            Nov. 14: Looking for the opera, we never find it but explore a hutong by moonlight
            Nov. 15: A bicycle tour of Beijing
            Nov. 16: Bicycle ride to Olympic Park
            Nov. 17: Tianamen Square
            Nov. 18: The Summer Palace
            Nov. 19 - 22: Leaving Beijing

Winter 2008/2009

                        Map Detail: Beijing to Datong
            Nov. 23: We leave Beijing but don't make it far
            Nov. 24: We ride under the Great Wall
            Nov. 25: Our visit to the Great Wall
            Nov. 26: Far off the tourist track
            Nov. 27: Happy Thanksgiving!
            Nov. 28: The coal route
            Nov. 29: Day of an excellent climb
            Nov. 30: Arrival in Datong, a city of 3 million people
            Dec. 2: A Hanging Monastery
            Dec. 3: Lesson learned, get your Chinese visa in Hong Kong
            Dec. 4-5: Early Christmas from Sierra Trading Post
            Dec. 6: Yungang Caves, 1500 year-old Buddhist stone carvings galore
                        Map Detail: Train ride from Datong to Xian
            Dec. 8: Train ride to Xi'an
            Dec. 9-14: Tons of Tombs to Tour in Xi'an
                        Map Detail: Xi'an to Three Gorges Dam
            Dec. 15: We leave Xi'an and discover blue skies
            Dec. 16: Tunneling our way into the mountains
            Dec. 17: Riding in the shadow of expressway construction
            Dec. 18: Forecast for today is moderately mountainous
            Dec. 19: Buildups and breakdowns
            Dec. 20: Weary legs gear up for another day of climbing
            Dec. 21-22: Rest up in Yunxi
            Dec. 23: Ready for more climbing after a rest
            Dec. 24: Hanging our stockings with care
            Dec. 25: Unexpected Christmas run-ins with the army and police result in setback
            Dec. 26-29: Replanning and a climb with Taoist monks up Wudang Shan
            Dec. 30 - Jan. 1: Round Three with Chinese visa application
            Jan. 1: Chinese visa information: last updated 4 August 2009
            Jan. 1 - 7: Three Gorges Dam and return to Wuhan
                        Map detail: Train ride from Yichang to Guilin, via Wuhan
            Jan. 8: Cave capers in Guilin
                        Map detail: Guilin to Vietnamese border
            Jan. 9: Camping among the karsts
            Jan. 10: Good-riddance to our long-suffering mattresses
            Jan. 11: Li River cruise
            Jan. 12: Leaving Yangshou
            Jan. 13: General sights while riding in China's subtropics
            Jan. 14: Major wrong turn, but we don't realize it until one day later
            Jan. 15 & 16: Going home (them, not us)
            Jan. 17: Spooked by a motorcycle crash in front of us
            Jan. 18: Navigationally challenged
            Jan. 19: Through the Nanning suburbs
            Jan. 20: To Nanning for a Vietnamese visa
            Jan. 21 - 23: Prepping for New Year's in Nanning
            Jan. 24: Making a run for the border
            Jan. 25 & 26: Good bye Mr. Rat, hello Year of the Ox!
            Jan. 27: Happy birthday to all dogs everywhere!
                  China by the numbers and reflections
      Vietnam: Route map
            Jan. 27: Entering Vietnam
            Jan. 28: New Years celebrations continue on this side of the border
            Jan. 29-30: Entering the hill tribe area
            Jan. 31: You can't live on pho alone
            Feb. 1: Dead-end day
            Feb. 2: Foregoing the required police permit
            Feb. 3: Police officers in a festive mood send us on our way
            Feb. 4: We reach Meo Vac but Erin's knee pays the price
            Feb. 5: Descending from the wilds of Meo Vac
            Feb. 6-8: Resting in Yen Minh and taking the Vomit Comet to Ha Giang
            Feb. 9-13: Hanoi
            Feb. 14-22: Travels in Vietnam with Erin's parents
                  Vietnam by the numbers
      Cambodia: Route map
            Feb. 23-27: Siem Reap, Cambodia
            Guest post by Mom and Dad
            Feb. 28 - March 7: Hanging out in Siem Reap
            March 8 - 10: Boat ride to Battambang
            March 11 - 12: Savoring pavement
            March 14: Mr. San's Guesthouse
            March 15: Trash the maps, none are right
            March 16: Welcome to the jungle
            March 17: Waking in a swarm of bees and leaving in a letch of leeches
            March 18: Resting in Pramoy
            March 19: One day to Pursat, two rest days to recover
            March 20-21: A few images from Pousat
            March 22: Hauling to Battambang
            March 23: Requisite suffering on bad Cambodian roads
            March 24: Into the land of smiles
                  Cambodia by the numbers
      Thailand: Route map
            March 25 - 29: A three-day convalescence followed by mellow rides to the coast
            March 30 - April 2: A tropical interlude on Samet Island
            April 3 - 7: Making our way to Bangkok
            April 8 - 10: Meeting up with CGOABers in Bangkok
            April 11 - 15: Protests and water fights in Bangkok
                  Thailand by the numbers

Spring 2009

      Nepal: Route map
            April 16 - 22: Our Durbar Square home in Kathmandu
            April 16 - 22: Living life as best you can in Kathmandu
            April 18 & 21: Steppin out to stupas in Kathmandu
            April 23: A mountain biking foray into the Himalaya
            April 25-26: White water rafting on the Bhote Kosi
            April 27-May 1: Last week in Kathmandu
            May 2: On the road again
            May 3-4: We detour to romantic, stuck-in-time Bandipur
            May 5: Arrival in Pokhara, homebase for our trek preparations
            May 8 - 10: Through the foothills of the Annapurna Circuit
            May 11 - 13: Onward through high Himalayas
            May 14 - 15: Over the pass . . .
            May 16 - 22: ...and thru the rest to Pokhara back we go
            May 23: Can't wait to leave Pokhara
            May 24: Curses to cable TV
            May 25 - 26: Lumbini, birthplace of Buddha
            May 27: Chance encounter with old friend turns our group into trio
            May 28: We get schooled in extreme cycle touring
            May 29: To Mr. B's in Bardia National Park
            May 30 - June 1: Treed by rhinos in Bardia National Park
            June 2: To within spitting distance of India
                  Nepal by the numbers

Summer 2009

      India: Route map
            June 3: Missing Nepal before we even leave
            June 4: Unwelcome male attention induces wardrobe adjustment
            June 5 - 6: Long climb for respite from heat
            June 7: The perils of camping in elephant territory
            June 8: More camping lessons to learn
            June 9: To Rishikesh, the Beatles' ex-hangout, among other things
            June 10 - 13: Rishikesh
            June 14 - 15: We find another foreigner no-go area
            June 16: Enjoying the fruits of their labors
            June 17-18: More of the same but exciting to us
            June 19: Wearing out the brakepads
            June 20: We turn onto the Hindustani - Tibetan highway
            June 21: Reluctantly we leave the Sharmas'
            June 22 - 23: Obtaining permits in Rekong Peo
            June 24: Why we like Lone Peak better than Ortlieb
            June 25: The real climbing begins
            June 26: Next stop, Tabo
            June 27: World class art
            June 28: To Kaza, capital of the Spiti valley
            June 29: Day trip to Ki Gompa
            June 30: Setting up for our first climb over a high Himalayan pass
            July 1: Average speed today: 5 mph, slowest to date
            July 2 - 3: Surprise wine find in Keylong crunches our budget but is worth it
            Fourth of July: Celebration
            July 5: Over the Baralacha La at 16,240 ft
            July 6: Riding the Plains of Morei by full moon light
            July 7: Fits of despair turn into thrill of achievement
            July 8: Savoring the beauty of Ladakh
            July 9: We make it (on time!) to 6am morning puja
            July 10 - 14: Caloric intake on a massive scale in Leh
            July 15: From Leh to the base of the Namika La
            July 16: We mistakenly consider 13,500 feet 'low'
            July 17: Riding without brakes
            July 18 - 19: Within spitting distance of Pakistani border
            July 20: WOW. Kashmir is awesome
            July 21 - 23: Chillaxin' in Srinagar
            July 24 - 26: Sikh sights in Amritsar
                  India by the numbers
      Pakistan: Route map
            July 27: Treated to characteristic Pakistani hospitality right off the bat
            July 28 - Aug 2: Learning lots in Lahore
            Aug. 3 - 12: Visa break in Islamabad
            Aug. 13: Back on the bikes after a three week break
            Aug. 14: Merry Pakistani Independence Day
            Aug. 15: Our police escort is a wet blanket on the party
            Aug. 16: Leaving behind the lowlands for good
            Aug. 17 - 18: Visit to a remarkable elementary school
            Aug. 19: Moving up valley
            Aug. 20: Primed to cross the pass tomorrow
            Aug. 21: 10,000 foot descent from Babusar Pass to Chilas
            Aug. 22 - 23: Petroglyphs and progress
            Aug. 24 - 26: Side trip to Fairy Meadows
            Aug. 27 - 28: Meeting Graham in Gilgit
            Aug. 29: Minor money delays
            Aug. 30 - Sept. 2: Hunza water cheers our mood in the dreary weather
            Sept. 3 - 4: A rainy border run
                  Pakistan by the numbers and reflections: The tragedy of no women in the commons

Fall 2009

      China and Kyrgyzstan: Route map
            Sept. 5 - 6: Back in the, back in the, back in the P-PRC!
            Sept. 7 - 8: Quick ride to Kashgar
            Sept. 9 - 11: No internet a boon; we instead have time to explore the heart of East Turkestan
            Sept. 12: A third of the way to Kyrgyzstan
            Sept. 13: Nearing Kyrgyzstan
            Sept. 14: Crossing into Kyrgyzstan
            Sept. 15: Our one-day stay in Kyrgyzstan
      Tajikistan: Route Map
            Sept. 16: Into the wild
            Sept. 17: Adjusting to plateau life
            Sept. 18 - 19: Into Murgab for a rest day
            Sept. 20: This is getting tedious
            Sept. 21: A miserable place to bicycle tour
            Sept. 22: Not a fun day
            Sept. 23: Life is beautiful
            Sept. 24 - Oct. 1: Exploring eastern Tajikistan with an old friend
            Oct. 2 - 5: Paris on the Pyanj
            Oct. 6: Earthquakes enter the equation
            Oct. 7: Then come the landmines
            Oct. 8: Hitches and glitches
            Oct. 9: Past the point of no return
            Oct. 10: A land of plenty
            Oct. 11: Last day along Afghan border
            Oct. 12: Over the hump
            Oct. 13: We see a CITY!
            Oct. 14 - 19: Rest-up in Nurek
            Oct. 20 - 26: Visas and socializing in lovely Dushanbe
            Oct. 27 - 28: Beeline to the Uzbek border
                  Tajikistan by the numbers
      Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan: Route Map
            Oct. 29: No ATMs, but a TV interview
            Oct. 30 - Nov. 1: Through Qarshi, on to Bukhara
            Nov. 2 - 11: Twice delayed in Bukhara
            Nov 12 - 13: Desert crossing going well
            Nov. 14 - 15: Desert now sandier, colder and lonelier than before
            Nov. 16: Arrival in Urgench
            Nov. 17 - 20: To Xiva and back
            Nov. 21: A detour to Fifty Fortresses
            Nov. 22 - 23: Riding turns miserable and we contemplate the advantages of train travel
            Nov. 24 - 27: Three days, three countries
                  Uzbekistan by the numbers

Winter 2009/2010

      Azerbaijan and Georgia: Route map
            Nov. 28 - Dec. 8: Waiting for package in Baku
            Dec. 9: Not picturesque but politically interesting
            Dec. 10: Mud Volcanoes
            Dec. 11 - 13: Crossing Azerbaijan
            Dec. 14 - 15: Rest day
            Dec. 16: Winery distracts us
            Dec. 17: Good-bye Azerbaijan
            Dec. 18: Georgia on our mind
            Dec. 19 - Dec. 24: Time in Tbilisi
            Dec. 25 - 27: Gori details of Stalin etc.
            Dec. 28: Over tiny mountain pass to the subtropics
            Dec. 29 - 30: Wet riding cheered by wine consumption
            Dec. 31 - Jan. 2: Journey to ancient Greece and trip decisions
            Jan. 3: Last night in Georgia
            Jan. 4: Rainy, chilly border crossing
                  Azerbaijan and Georgia by the numbers
      Turkey: Route map
            Jan. 5 - 6: Scenic Black Sea coasting
            Jan. 7: Cave-dwelling in Goreme
            Jan. 8 - 9: Cave churches and hotair balloon rides
            Jan. 10: Cave hopping
            Jan. 11: Last of the Cappadocian cave viewing
            Jan. 12 - 13: Gateway from cold interior to lush coast
            Jan. 14 - 15: First brush with Biblical greatness
            Jan. 16 - 17: Misadventures in navigation
            Jan. 18 - 19: Rainy riding
            Jan. 20: Antioch
            Jan. 21 - 22: Crossing into Syria
                  Turkey by the numbers
      Syria and Lebanon: Route map
            Jan. 23 - 24: Fruitless repairs in Lattakia
            Jan. 25 - 26: First the Rohloff, then the camera
            Jan. 27 - 28: Our intro to Lebanon's patchwork of peoples
            Jan. 29: Beirut
            Jan. 30 - 31: Two days to tackle the Big Climb
            Feb. 1: Roman ruins at Baalbek
            Feb. 2: Back to Syria
            Feb. 3 - 5: Lovely Damascus
            Feb. 6 - 7: Good-bye Syria
                  Syria and Lebanon by the numbers
      Jordan: Route map
            Feb. 8: Jordan's got headwinds
            Feb. 9 - 14: A week of R&R with friends in Amman
            Feb. 15 - 17: Snorkeling and convalescing at the Red Sea
            Feb. 18: Into the Arabian desert proper
            Feb. 19: Bike-Camel-Bike amounts to discomfort
            Feb. 20: Riding along the King's Highway
            Feb. 21 - 24: Petra-fied
            Feb. 25: Torrential downpour drives us into uncomfortable situation
            Feb. 26: Camping by the Dead Sea
            Feb. 27 - March 2: A Dead Sea float and time in Amman

Spring 2010

      West Bank and Israel: Route map
            March 3: A night in Palestine
            March 4: Journey to Jerusalem
            March 5 - 7: Lost in the intensity of Jerusalem
            March 8: More around the West Bank
            March 9: Mountain biking to Tel Aviv
            March 10 - 12: A flustercuck in Athens
      Albania and Montenegro: Route map
            March 13: Who knew Albania was so lovable?
            March 14: Montenegro is tough to find
            March 15 - 16: Ride through Montenegro
            March 17 - 27: Visit from family and successful admission to the Wyoming bar
      Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic: Route Map
            March 28 - 30: Law and order is fine and good until it applies to us
            March 31 - April 1: Rain and sun through rural Hungary
            April 2 - 5: Easter in Bratislava
            April 6: The Iron Curtain Greenway
            April 7 - 13: Rain, rest and plotting
      Germany, Austria and Finish Line: Route Map
            April 14 - 20: Icelandic ashhole ruins trips
            April 21 - 25: Sharon perseveres!
            April 26 - 29: Our Mom Corps doubles in size
            April 30: Moms on SAG duty
            May 1: Let the party begin!
            May 2: The end is near... it should be here somewhere
            May 3 - 9: Sightseeing and trip home
      Total Stats
      Signing off

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