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Flying the Folders

A report on a trial run of combining our Bike Fridays with air travel

Topic: Bicycle Touring  
Categories: Bags & Packing, Regional, Touring bikes, Transportation, Folding bicycles
Keywords: Canberra Brisbane New World Tourist Qantas Packing folding-bike hire-car plane


Copyright © 2012-2014 By Graham Smith - (contact)

Status: Completed Jul 2012
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Moving the bikes and carry-on luggage around the airports, hotel and taxis was very easy. Compared to our previous air travel experiences with our full-sized diamond frame tourers, this was a pleasure. The black case contains the folded, dissembled Bike Friday and some general luggage. The red case has the pannier and other carry on luggage. The black case for check-in is 22 kg. The red case for carry-on is less than 7 kg.

Table of Contents

A first flight with our Bike Fridays: Canberra to Brisbane and back by taxi, plane, hire-car and folding bikes
Packing Pics: Photos of the folding bikes pack and unpack
Moving the packed bikes: Photos
Packing Steps: Main tasks in packing our Bike Fridays and pics of parts
Brisbane Pics: A few images from the cycling part of the trip
Conclusion and Resources

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