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Dan Ott (ourheroes)

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Joined: 1 June 2010
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Bio: My name is Dan Ott, I am the Founder of 'Our Heroes, Riding for the Fallen'. I ride solo multi-day long distance to raise funds and awareness for the 'Scholarship fund for the Children of Fallen Service-members' in association with 'Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund'
I started 'Our Heroes' in 2010, and have since ridden over 34,000 miles and raised over $27,000 for the fund.
I am 53 years old and married to an incredible woman; my soul mate, Lori. We have been together for 22 yrs. I have 4 great kids; two of which are adults and the other in High school. They are great kids, with good heads on their shoulders, I am a very lucky man to have the family I have.
I have always loved physical challenges and setting of a goal and the journey in achieving it.
I have found Long distance touring meets all of those attributes. I also wanted to do something for our Service-members, I feel the only reason I have been able to enjoy the things I do is because of their sacrifices over the last 200 plus years. When I ride, I always ride with our Heroes in mind.
I hope you enjoy reading some of the journals I have posted. For information on my gear and bicycle see journal titled; 'The start of Our Heroes; Riding for the Fallen'.
For more information on the 'Scholarship Fund for the Children of our Fallen Service-members' go to;

2010; Miles 7,687 / Funds Raised $4,325
2011; Miles 11,015 / Funds Raised $11,024
2012; Miles 7,594 / Funds Raised $3,574
2013; Miles 6,887 / Funds Raised $3,732
States Covered to date; Ca Nv. Az. NY.

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'Our Heroes; Riding for the Fallen'
To Honor the Fallen
Show Supports to the Active
Reflect Appreciation to those that Survived

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Orange County Register News article March 25, 2013

Contact: danielott61 at att dot net
Updated: 2 October 2014

Journals and articles:

Summary Expanded
Type Title Author Updated Status Hitcount
 Journal   The start of 'Our Heroes; Riding for the Fallen'   Dan Ott  Aug 21 
Completed Jun 2010
 Journal   Yosemite Loop   Dan Ott  Nov 2012 
Completed Nov 2012
 Journal   Two day's to Julian, ca.   Dan Ott  Nov 2012 
Completed Nov 2012
 Journal   Old Mining Town Tour (OMT)   Dan Ott  Nov 2012 
Completed Nov 2012
 Journal   Lori-Lynn and the Family   Dan Ott  Nov 2012 
Completed Oct 2012
 Journal   A Ride-About   Dan Ott  Mar 2013 
Completed Mar 2013
 Journal   Northern California Loop   Dan Ott  Jun 2013 
Completed Jun 2013
 Journal   Back to the Majestic Pines and Extreme climbs   Dan Ott  Oct 19 
Completed Oct 2014

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Our Heroes; Riding for the Fallen Advocacy:   Charitable North America > United States > California > Orange > Aliso Viejo Thu 1 Nov 2012

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