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Julie Lovegrove (julieandmark)

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Joined: 3 February 2011
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Locale: Europe > United Kingdom > England > Kent > Maidstone  - map
Bio: Hi

We are a couple from Kent, England, Mark 53, and Julie 46.

We have completed three short cycle tours in The Netherlands, France and Belguim. My 'Five Wheels to Amsterdam' journal is featured on the Ice Trikes website

Cycle touring is highly addictive :-) In 2013 we went on our first extended tour cycling the USA Transam and Pacific coast Now we are home all we can think about is getting back out on the road!

There is no better way to see the world than from a bike!

Why we like cycle touring

We enjoy the mental and physical challenge it brings

The physical activity keeps you fit and therefore healthy

You can eat what you like and not put on weight

You feel a real sense of achievement that you have got somewhere on your own steam

Cycling is more efficient than walking and its an environmentally friendly way to travel

We enjoy the challenge of keeping the bikes runing smoothly

It makes you appreciate the simple things in life such as a hot shower, hot food, the sunshine, a soft bed etc ...

You learn about how little you really need in life

You travel slowly enough to stop and smell the roses

You are not observing the world through a window which creates a barrier, you are living it, , feeling it, seeing it, and breathing it

Its a talking point with local people as they always stop you and want to know what you are doing and where you are going. Cycling puts you amongst the people

Once youve bought the equipment its a cheap way to travel

Gives you a sense of freedom and a buzz especially when your flying downhil at 30mph!

We like the unpredictability of not knowing what is around the next corner or where you are going to sleep, it keeps life fresh

We enjoy being out in the fresh air

The tough times build character and confidence

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My husband Mark and I

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Updated: 2 June 2014

Journals and articles:

Summary Expanded
Type Title Author Updated Status Hitcount
 Journal   Saddle Sore No More   Julie Lovegrove  Oct 2 
Completed Sep 2014
 Journal   A Pino a Bob and a Dream   Julie Lovegrove  Dec 15 
Completed Nov 2013Featured Journal #587
 Journal   Five Wheels to Amsterdam   Julie Lovegrove  Jan 2013 
Completed Jan 2013
 Journal   Uphill blog to Versailles   Julie Lovegrove  Feb 2012 
Completed Feb 2012
 Journal   Uphill blog to Holland   Julie Lovegrove  Jul 2011 
Completed Jul 2011

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