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Allan E. Stokell (stokell)

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Joined: 13 November 2004
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Bio: Allan E. Stokell renewed his interest in bicycles 20 years ago. Since then he has project managed a cycling map, written and lectured on sharing the road with cyclists, been a member of the City of Toronto Cycling (Advisory) Committee, become a year 'round cycling commuter, and most recently has put together several prototype electrically assisted tricycles and bicycles.

In 2009 he lead a series of cycling tours of the City of Toronto as well as several 2 day out of town tours. He also ran seminars on cycle touring. Touring 101 and Touring 2.0 were held at the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto.

For fun when he is not credit-card touring with his stoker on their tandem, Allan does unsupported international tours on one of his many bicycles and stealth camps.

In 2010 Allan founded an internet based tour enterprise offering eco-friendly bicycle tours in Europe and North America.

Contact: astokel at gmail dot com
Updated: 9 February 2010

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Journals and articles:

Summary Expanded
Type Title Author Updated Status Hitcount
 Article   My Bike Tour Links   Allan E. Stokell  Dec 2010 
Unfinished, not updated for 1422 days
 Article   CaDPat Touring Bicycle   Allan E. Stokell  Aug 2009 
Unfinished, not updated for 1889 days
 Journal   Touring the Borders of Netherlands, Belgium and Germany   Allan E. Stokell  Jan 2009 
Completed Jun 2008
 Journal   The North Sea Route - Netherlands and Belgium   Allan E. Stokell  Jan 2009 
Completed Jun 2007
 Article   Electrically Assisted Bicycles   Allan E. Stokell  Mar 2009 
Completed Nov 2007
 Journal   Touring Southern England   Allan E. Stokell  Jan 2009 
Completed Nov 2004
 Article   Tandem Touring   Allan E. Stokell  Jul 2009 
Completed Feb 2007
 Article   Stealth Camping Photos   Allan E. Stokell  Jan 2009 
Completed Feb 2007
 Article   Stealth Camping   Allan E. Stokell  Aug 2009 
Completed Mar 2006Featured Journal #206
 Article   Planning an Unsupported Bicycle Tour   Allan E. Stokell  Jan 2009 
Completed Sep 2006
 Journal   South Wales, Southwest England Tour Journal   Allan E. Stokell  Jan 2009 
Completed Nov 2005

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