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Jill Lundmark (jilllundmark)

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Joined: 2 July 2007
Topics: Bicycle Touring  Hiking 
Locale: Oceania > New Zealand > Auckland  - map
Bio: I was conceived in New Guinea just before the Second World War as my father was a Patrol Officer for the Australian Administration. His job involved making trips into areas of the country where white men were unknown. When war broke out and the Japanese were about to invade my mother, brother and I got out on the last ship to sail to Australia. My father remained to become a coast watcher. He was famous for having spent six months in the jungle overlooking the Salamaua airfield which was held by the Japanese and radioing their movements to the Americans. They knew someone was watching, but despite daily flights over the jungle they never caught him. A few months later he was in a plane shot down by them and died. Back in Australia I grew up in Melbourne and completed a degree in Agricultural Science. I was desperate to travel so applied to be a Volunteer Graduate in Indonesia. I was accepted, but while waiting for a ship to take me to Bogor in Java I met my future husband who had plans to build a yacht and sail around the world. It was a hard decision. I married him and we started to build the yacht. It took us seven years and finally we set sail for New Zealand. After a storm in the Tasman we reached New Zealand. My husband set about altering the yacht and installing an engine larger than the 20 horse power one we had. I started a family and a craft business making leather goods and later pottery. I still dreamt of travelling, but it was not until I became a teacher fifteen years later that I was able to. My husband and I went our separate ways, he, to riding a motor bike across Afghanistan and me, to backpacking in school holidays. I read Dervla Murphy, Ann Mustoe, Bettina Selby and a woman who rode solo across the Amazon and wanted to emulate them. Finally I had a go, realised I could do it at my own pace, so retired from teaching and set off. Now I can’t imagine a trip without cycling. I love the freedom, the sense of achievement, the unexpected meetings with other people, the different foods, the chance to see how people live in different conditions and different societies. In many ways I feel I am time travelling as I see people living the way they have for centuries.

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About to leave Thailand and cross to Laos by boat

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At the mahout training camp in Thailand

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To the Tiz n Test Pass in Morocco 2006

Contact: jilllundmark at gmail dot com
Updated: 20 November 2007

Journals and articles:

Summary Expanded
Type Title Author Updated Status Hitcount
 Journal   Down The Danube to Bucharest   Jill Lundmark  Oct 13 
Completed Oct 2014
 Journal   Southern Thailand   Jill Lundmark  Apr 18 
Completed Apr 2014
 Journal   Turkish Delights   Jill Lundmark  Dec 19 
Completed Dec 2013
 Journal   A Solo Tour of England, Wales and Ireland at 74   Jill Lundmark  Mar 2013 
Completed Mar 2013
 Journal   Switzerland and France Again   Jill Lundmark  Feb 2012 
Completed Feb 2012
 Journal   South India on Pegasus   Jill Lundmark  Feb 2012 
Completed Feb 2012
 Journal   Meandering in Morocco   Jill Lundmark  Mar 2009 
Completed Mar 2009
 Journal   Southern Iceland at Seventy   Jill Lundmark  Nov 2008 
Completed Nov 2008
 Journal   Touring Vietnam and Cambodia at Sixty-Nine.   Jill Lundmark  Apr 2008 
Completed Apr 2008Featured Journal #276
 Journal   Sixty-seven, solo across Scotland: East to West   Jill Lundmark  Nov 2007 
Completed Nov 2007
 Journal   Sixty-Six, Solo and South East Asia   Jill Lundmark  Apr 2012 
Completed Apr 2012Featured Journal #255

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