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Moni Bieser (giantcycle99)

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Joined: 20 August 2003
Topics: Bicycle Touring  Hiking 
Bio: I grew up in Germany, born in 1954 and moved to Oklahoma in 1972. I have two grown daughters and LOVE riding a bicycle.

My first tour was with my daughter and some friends. Lori and I rode a crestline (blue, LOL) tandem. We used B&B's on this 3 day tour. My daughter and I did another tour on the same bike later, that time totally self contained.

My next few tours were on a hybrid bicycle by giant, a prodigy, and I now tour on a Myata touring bike. I use panniers on all my tours. I started out with Performance panniers. When my daughter grew up and moved out, she got the front panniers (we split the cost, and now split the gear). Thus, I upgraded to front panniers from Ortlieb and now own rear panniers from Arkel. I have detailed packlists in most of my journals.

Updated: 8 July 2014

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Journals and articles:

Summary Expanded
Type Title Author Updated Status Hitcount
 Journal   Remember the Removal   mel norton and Moni Bieser  Jul 8 
Completed Jul 2014
 Journal   third time is a charm, riding the Missouri Katy Trail   Moni Bieser  Oct 2013 
Completed Oct 2013
 Journal   bikes and barns on RAGBRAI   Moni Bieser  Aug 2013 
Completed Jul 2013
 Journal   riding to FreeWheel   Moni Bieser  Jul 2013 
Completed Jun 2013
 Journal   The Texas Connection Heads North......again! (2013)   David Duncan, Jennifer Wurl, Dave Grisham, Curtis Shaw and Moni Bieser  Jul 2013 
Completed Jul 2013
 Article   route marked   Moni Bieser  Dec 2012 
Completed Dec 2012
 Journal   getting to FreeWheel 2012   Moni Bieser  Jun 2012 
Completed Jun 2012
 Journal   Houston or San Antonio to Kansas 2012 -- including OKFreeWheel   Dave Grisham, Jennifer Wurl, David Duncan and Moni Bieser  Jun 2012 
Completed Jun 2012
 Journal   down the west coast   Moni Bieser  Mar 2011 
Completed Oct 2010
 Journal   getting to know you   Moni Bieser  Jan 2010 
Completed Jul 2009
 Journal   sights from the Oklahoma FreeWheel you might have missed   Moni Bieser and mel norton  Aug 2009 
Completed Aug 2009
 Journal   on a quest for Yoohoo's   Moni Bieser  Aug 2008 
Completed Aug 2008
 Journal   three friends and a dinosaur   Moni Bieser and mel norton  Jul 2008 
Completed Jul 2008
 Journal   my Kansas Ride (DNF)   Moni Bieser  Feb 2010 
Completed Feb 2010
 Journal   Another Year, Another FreeWheel   Moni Bieser  Jun 2007 
Completed Jun 2007
 Journal   Oklahoma riding   Moni Bieser  Mar 2008 
Completed Jun 2006
 Journal   Two Weeks With Lewis And Clark   Moni Bieser  Aug 2009 
Completed Jun 2006
 Journal   join me for a bike ride   Moni Bieser  Sep 2006 
Completed May 2005
 Journal   Try, try again   Moni Bieser  Sep 2006 
Completed Aug 2004Featured Journal #123
 Journal   Dream Tour (DNF)   Moni Bieser  Jan 2007 
Completed Aug 2003
 Journal   Ride across Texas   Moni Bieser  Sep 2006 
Completed Mar 2005
 Journal   Back to Germany with friends   Moni Bieser  Jul 2006 
Completed Dec 2003

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