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Bruce Day (bruceeeday)

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Joined: 26 March 2005
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Locale: North America > United States > Tennessee > Sumner > Hendersonville  - map
Bio: I was born March 27, 1946 in very rural Cullman, County, Alabama, USA. My cycling career began as a sleepy headed teen after my family moved from the farm to the nearby county seat. A two mile cycle trip to school took 10 minutes, walking 20 minutes and the bus 45 minutes giving me a few precious extra minutes of sleep. Later at Auburn University as a Chemical Engineering Major while also doing Premed, cycling was the only way to make cross campus classes on time. In both a high school of 400 and a University of 10,000, I was the only cyclist. Such was the culture of Alabama in the 60's.

My wife gave me a Schwinn Varsity for my 26th birthday while we were stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso Texas. The culture and times had progressed so there was company on my bike day trips into New and Old Mexico. The trusty Schwinn rested 20 years after my return to the South until my knees revolted at tennnis and jogging and put me back on the bike.

Since 1995 cycling has been a big part of my life and touring cycling my favorite diversion. As my career in medicine winds down I hope to do even more touring. While on the Bicycle Ride Across Magnificent Alabama 2002 Crazyguyonabike author Bob Schofield joined up and we have remained in contact since then. He is stoking the embers of my fantasy of cycling Europe. Before getting into the United Kingdom 2006 tour I will to recount some of my shorter local tours. Middle Tennessee is a great place to tour on a bicycle.

Updated: 3 September 2011

Journals and articles:

Summary Expanded
Type Title Author Updated Status Hitcount
 Journal   Three Days from Nashville, TN to Eva, Alabama   Bruce Day  Oct 2012 
Completed Oct 2012
 Journal   In Search of the Avery Trace   Bruce Day  May 2009 
Completed May 2009
 Journal   Mid Cumberland Backroads, again   Bruce Day  Jul 2008 
Completed Jul 2008
 Journal   Great Ride In The South in 2007   Bob Schofield, Bruce Day and Bob McConkey Jr  Jul 2007 
Completed Jun 2007
 Journal   United Kingdom 2006   Bruce Day, Bob Schofield and David Irvine  Mar 2008 
Completed Jul 2006
 Journal   Spring Shakedown 2006   Bruce Day and David Irvine  May 2006 
Completed May 2006
 Journal   Ride Around Nashville Tennessee 2005   Bruce Day  Oct 2005 
Completed Apr 2005
 Journal   Mid Cumberland Backroads   Bruce Day  Jul 2005 
Completed Jul 2005

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