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Earl Norman (bikerearl)

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Joined: 19 November 2003
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Bio: I am Bikerearl and I am 83 years old (as of July,31, 2009), retired military, and have been bicycle touring since 1993. I have criscrossed this great country of ours several times and have toured New Zealand. I did this alone and self suported, on both North & South Islands as well as England, Wales & Ireland, and parts of Canada. Touring in an organized tour does not interest me. I suppose its okay for those who like that sort of thing, but I'm independent enough want to stop when I want or continue when it pleases me. I guess I'd rather make my own descisions and my own mistakes, thinking I don't really need a leader. Sometimes, I travel with others, but with no more than one or two others. The fewer, the better. Traveling alone, the opportunities to meet others in intimate ways, is best when alone and decreases dramatically with each additional person. I'm also interested in history, which is why this summer, I toured following the Lewis & Clark Trail. Earl Norman
Updated: 7 July 2009

Journals and articles:

Summary Expanded
Type Title Author Updated Status Hitcount
 Journal   One more final bicycle tour   Earl Norman  Jul 2009 
Completed Jul 2009
 Journal   An 81 year old's 2,800 mile Bike Tour after a Heart Attack and Open Heart Surgery   Earl Norman  Aug 2008 
Completed Aug 2008
 Journal   A short cycle tour in Upper Peninsula, Michigan   Earl Norman  Oct 2007 
Completed Oct 2007
 Journal   My 2007 cycle tour, San Antonio to Toledo, interrupted by a heart attack   Earl Norman  Aug 2007 
Completed Aug 2007
 Journal   2006 Bicycle Tour, Los Angeles to San Antonio   Earl Norman  Jan 2007 
Completed Apr 2006
 Journal   Cycling the East Coast, Key West to Springfield, Mass.   Earl Norman  Sep 2006 
Completed Aug 2005
 Journal   Touring New Zealand, 1999   Earl Norman  Sep 2006 
Completed Mar 2006
 Journal   1995 Bike Tour, Pacific Northwest   Earl Norman  Aug 2005 
Completed Nov 2004
 Journal   Cycling New Zealand, 1998   Earl Norman  Aug 2005 
Completed Jul 2005
 Journal   My Lewis & Clark Tour   Earl Norman  Feb 2005 
Completed Nov 2003Featured Journal #104
 Journal   Wayne to Maine   Earl Norman  Feb 2005 
Completed Dec 2004
 Journal   Sacramento Calif. to Bellevue, NE.   Earl Norman  Feb 2005 
Completed Jan 2005
 Journal   California to North Carolina   Earl Norman  Jan 2005 
Completed Jan 2005
 Journal   Cycling the Calif. Coast, riding through Ariz., New Mex, Okla. Kansas and back to Neb.   Earl Norman  Dec 2004 
Completed Jul 2004
 Journal   Cycle Touring Southern California, Fall of 1996   Earl Norman  Dec 2004 
Completed Nov 2004

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