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Tim Williams (Timmy)

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Joined: 6 October 2006
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Locale: North America > United States > Texas > Dallas > Rowlett  - map
Bio: Howdy,

I was born in Cedar falls, Iowa, my parents and sisters still live there. I now live in Rowlett, Texas and have two FANTASTIC boys, Jake & Jett. I've always been really active with sports and adventures and hopefully I'll be able to continue this for many more years and one day I will have my boys along side for some more great adventures. I'm a high school teacher of World Geography and love it! I have two big passions rugby n cycling, I've been playing here in Dallas since 1984 and will be ready for another this fall. I've been riding a bike for as long as I remember. I commute to school as much as I can (my students don't understand that) I try to get up to Iowa each summer to do RAGBRAI with all my crazy bicycle friends which turns out to be an adventure all to itself for sure!!. I've always dreamed of planning a long solo self contained ride like this. Then in 1996, while on a motorcycle ride with my father in-law Gene through Red River New Mexico we came across a cyclist who was doing a west to east ride from Washington to Virginia, I mentioned to Gene that I'd like to try something like that one day. His response was, "Well Fella, I'd like to see you do that...go for it" It wasn't Gene's style to suggest something like that so I took it to heart and its been an important dream of mine ever since. He's been gone since Dec. of 2000, I miss my friend. Why the Mississippi river to Canada? Well, as a kid our whole family used to vacation nearly every summer near Bemidji and the boundary lakes of Minnesota/Canada and I have a lot of fond memories of that area. I see also that a lot of people just do the east-west routes so why not be just a little different and do a north south thing! Well, time to get going Giddy up!

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Contact: Tim Williams
tawillia at garlandisd dot net
Updated: 29 January 2014

Journals and articles:

Summary Expanded
Type Title Author Updated Status Hitcount
 Journal   Alaska - Ocean to Ocean   Tim Williams  May 3 
503 of ??? days
 Journal   Yellowstone-Beartooth   Tim Williams  Jun 2013 
Unfinished, not updated for 506 days
 Journal   Giddy up the Mississippi River!   Tim Williams  Feb 2009 
Completed Feb 2009

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