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Jenia LeFevre Ciomek (JeniaCiomek)

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Joined: 31 July 2005
Topics: Bicycle Life  Bicycle Touring 
Locale: North America > United States > New Mexico > Dona Ana > Las Cruces  - map
Bio: I started my cycling adventure by becoming very good friends with Team Russell. Hank Raines and his Jack Russells used to be members of this cgoab community. He dubbed me the Pecan Lady because the house I used to live in had 72 pecan trees, and I have hosted several cross-country Southern Tier cyclists as they travelled through Las Cruces. I had huge fun being able to host cyclists, however I have moved away for a while and my hosting days ended temporarily.

I am now back in the pecan house as of November 2011 and look forward to hosting cyclists once again. The pecan house is once again open for hospitality.

One requirement of all cyclist guests will be that you must enjoy the company of dogs. Our own and now quite old Jack Russell, Lucy; and her much younger sister Day-z (coyote/shepherd/something mix) and the now newest member of the family Angel (husky mix) insist on it.

Thanks to Hank's encouragement I decided to try the cycling-with-dog thing myself. My own Jack Russell, Lucy, has travelled with me on the bike, but she is now getting very old. I think she would come along these days but after a while she will get tired of it. So I have decided recently to give cycling a try with Angel who seems to have taken to running alongside in a great way. I haven't yet gotten the proper leash and equipment but rest assured we will begin soon.

While I may not be able to take off and do some epic journey right now, we can enjoy some free time and travel by bike exploring our world and enjoying the scenery and time together. Someday a bigger adventure may be in store for us, but for now we are happy to be weekend warriors with week-long jaunts a few times a year. We plan to start our trips up again this year (2012) after a 2-year hiatus. I am hoping for a week-long adventure to Montana this summer.

My big dream is to someday see Australia. Now I would not consider this without bringing the bike along. I envision this trip as a cycling/driving/train adventure. Once I get there I will want to see it all and I'm sure I will have limited time. Not seeing it all would be like coming to America and having to decide on one certain area to explore.

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Lucy trying out an XtraCycle loaned to us by a friend

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Lucy on our elliptical bicycle, StreetStrider, aka the SS Minow.

I will hopefully be adding pictures of Angel cycling with me next.

Contact: kingjenia at yahoo dot com
Updated: 2 July 2012

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