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Cathy Colless (CathyColless)

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Joined: 9 November 2007
Topics: Bicycle Touring  Travel 
Locale: Europe > United Kingdom > England > Yorkshire > York  - map

Previous unblogged bike trips we have done together. We plan to blog them at some stage:

1994/1995 Around Australia, visiting national parks, 1 year - 21,000km

1998 Bicentennial National Trail - Cooktown to Townsville, Australia - 1 month

1998 New Zealand, 1 month

1998 Turkey/Greece/Italy, 4 months - 6,000km

2000 New Zealand & Tasmania, 2 months

2001 Various little trips - Fiji Islands

2001 Little trips on the east+west coast of the USA

2002 North Sea Cycle Route + Iceland + Misc Euro detours, 4 months - 7,000km

2005 Vienna to Morroco including Camino de Santiago, 4 months - 6,000km

2006 South Africa

2006 Boden Zee

2007 Elbe Radweg - Praque - Magdaberg

2007 In the UK: Outer Hebrides, Trans-Pennine, C2C, Hadrians Wall, Dales with Jonty+Joasia, lots of little trips

2008 South India, 4 months - 5,000Km

2011 Reivers Route, UK/Scotland with Helen

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On top of the Stelvio Pass, feeling very happy!

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Updated: 3 April 2012

Journals and articles:

Summary Expanded
Type Title Author Updated Status Hitcount
 Journal   Cuba for Christmas   Cathy Colless and John Isles  Jan 18 
Unfinished, not updated for 280 days
 Journal   Iceland Interior Tour   Cathy Colless and John Isles  Oct 2013 
Completed Aug 2013
 Journal   Poland for Plums   Cathy Colless  Oct 2012 
Completed Oct 2012
 Journal   South America Mini Tour   Cathy Colless and John Isles  Oct 2013 
Completed May 2012Featured Journal #504
 Journal   Locked and Loaded   John Isles and Cathy Colless  Jun 2011 
Completed May 2011
 Journal   North Vietnam - a thousand infectiously cheerful hello's a day   Cathy Colless and John Isles  Jun 2011 
Completed Jun 2011
 Journal   Springtime for Slovenia   Cathy Colless  Nov 2011 
Completed Nov 2011
 Journal   Hokkaido Happy   Cathy Colless and John Isles  May 2009 
Completed May 2009
 Journal   Cornwall for Easter   Cathy Colless and John Isles  Apr 2009 
Completed Apr 2009
 Journal   Sustrans Kingdom Route Scotland   Cathy Colless and John Isles  Dec 2008 
Completed Dec 2008
 Journal   South India Mini Tour   Cathy Colless and John Isles  Dec 2008 
Completed May 2008

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