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Zoe Vaflo-Bakilo (50ontheroad)

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Joined: 15 December 2008
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Locale: North America > United States > Florida > Indian River > Vero Beach  - map
Bio: My name is Paul, and I am traveling around North America with my friend Zoe. We are fairly new to the game, and managing quite well. Presently we are finishing the California coast, and heading south from there. Follow us on Journals will follow soon. Rubber side down.

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Day one in Vancouver, BC

Contact: We can be contacted at 50ontheroad at gmail dot com
Updated: 30 October 2011

Journals and articles:

Summary Expanded
Type Title Author Updated Status Hitcount
 Journal   Inching Around Africa   Zoe Vaflo-Bakilo  Aug 2013 
Unfinished, not updated for 429 daysFeatured Journal #542
 Journal   Inching Around the World - Again!   Zoe Vaflo-Bakilo  Apr 2012 
Completed Apr 2012Featured Journal #491
 Journal   Inching Around The World   Zoe Vaflo-Bakilo  Nov 2010 
Completed Nov 2010

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