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Ross GuldenbreinLyon (radiocycle)

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Joined: 6 February 2004
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Locale: North America > United States > California > San Luis Obispo > Morro Bay  - map
Bio: I'm a 65 year old divorced guy from the SF bay area. Jean is my main sqeeze and riding partner from Boyes Hot Springs. We met on the internet in 1999 and have been having fun ever since. I have a brilliant, creative 27 year old daughter who rides occasionally and was a French/International Studies major at U.O.P. She is currently managing Blue Bottle Coffee in Oakland CA. I'm a retired teacher and instrument mechanic now living in Morro Bay with Jean, a massage therapist/voice-over artist. I enjoy sending and listening to Morse Code as radio station W6FG and Jean practices yoga and is an avid reader. We were both born and raised in the SF bay area and have lived there most of our lives.
Contact: Jean's email > lyon418 at yahoo dot com
Ross' email > radiocycle at gmail dot com
Ross' little used, seldom up-dated website >

Updated: 25 December 2013

Journals and articles:

Summary Expanded
Type Title Author Updated Status Hitcount
 Journal   Day of the Dead 2011   Ross GuldenbreinLyon  Oct 2011 
Completed Oct 2011
 Journal   A SLO Duo Do Mexico 2010   Ross GuldenbreinLyon  Dec 2010 
Completed Dec 2010
 Journal   Jean and Ross Ride Across ~ Almost....   Ross GuldenbreinLyon  Aug 2008 
Completed Aug 2008
 Journal   A Thai Adventure on Bikes 2006   Ross GuldenbreinLyon  Dec 2006 
Completed Nov 2006
 Journal   NZ on a Tandem 2004   Ross GuldenbreinLyon  May 2006 
Completed Feb 2005Featured Journal #155
 Journal   Yucatan 2003   Ross GuldenbreinLyon  Feb 2004 
Completed Feb 2004
 Journal   Where We Were on 09/11/2001   Ross GuldenbreinLyon  Oct 2006 
Completed Sep 2001

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