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Bill Schettenhelm (billandnancy)

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Joined: 25 July 2005
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Locale: North America > United States > Washington > Chelan > Cashmere  - map
Bio: We are Bill & Nancy Schettenhelm. We were both born and raised in Southern Michigan, and went to the same school. We now live in Cashmere, WA, which is the geographical center of the state of Washington. We are now 66 (Bill) and 62 (Nancy). We have always enjoyed the outdoors, but not until the early 90's did we take up biking. We originally road our own bikes, but when Nancy had major back surgery in 2000, the doctor told her no more biking unless it was on a custom built tandem that would not jar Nancy's back. Bill was a little apprehensive at first, but soon discovered it was much more enjoyable to ride together on a tandem. After much checking around and consideration, we decided to have a Co-Motion built. A great investment, and we have really enjoyed this bike. Once we started to ride a tandem, we bought a tandem talk and that made it easier to talk back and forth. We went on our first bike trip with Adventure Cycling Association to Utah for a week and had a wonderful time. Then on April 19, 2004, we headed back to Michigan on our tandem, to attend our high school reunion. We had a trip of a life time. Since then we have completed 2 trips across the United States. The Northern Tier and Southern Tier routes. Primarily following Adventure Cycling bike maps. This year (2008) we started our Atlantic Route tour in the Florida Keys and biked to southern North Carolina. (After our 2 month trip to Michigan, we promised our Grandchildren we would limit our rides to 30 days at a time!) We plan to complete both the Atlantic and Pacific routes within the next 2 years. Our daily motto--- "It's A Good Life"
Contact: Feel free to e-mail us if you are contemplating a trip and would like to ask us questions about what we took with us or our routes.
Updated: 8 August 2008

Journals and articles:

Summary Expanded
Type Title Author Updated Status Hitcount
 Journal   WA & Oregon   Bill Schettenhelm  Dec 2012 
Completed Dec 2012
 Journal   Touring Kansas   Bill Schettenhelm  Jun 2011 
Completed Jun 2011
 Journal   Riding to the 50th High School Reunion   Bill Schettenhelm  Jun 2010 
Completed Jun 2010
 Journal   Tandem biking California   Bill Schettenhelm  Apr 2009 
Completed Apr 2009
 Journal   Second Half of the Atlantic Coast   Bill Schettenhelm  Oct 2008 
Completed Oct 2008
 Journal   Atlantic Coast Tour   Bill Schettenhelm  Feb 2008 
Completed Feb 2008
 Journal   Houston, Texas to St. Augustine, Florida   Bill Schettenhelm  Mar 2007 
Completed Jan 2008
 Journal   The second half of the Northern Tier   Bill Schettenhelm  Nov 2006 
Completed Sep 2006
 Journal   San Diego to Houston   Bill Schettenhelm  Oct 2005 
Completed Oct 2005
 Journal   The Northern Tier Route To A 40th Class Reunion   Bill Schettenhelm  Sep 2005 
Completed Sep 2005

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