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Bob Schofield (aussiebob)

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Joined: 15 March 2003
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Locale: Oceania > Australia > Queensland > Brisbane  - map
Bio: I came to multi-day cycle touring quite late in life, in 1996. Four days after my fiftieth birthday (and nearly ten years after running my last marathon), I visited the Perfumed Pagoda (Cua Hong), just outside Hanoi, Vietnam. Disgusted with myself at not completing the ascent and determined to improve my physical condition, I set my sights on Bicycle Victoria’s Big Ride - a 600km./9-day fully-supported ride along the Great Ocean Road, successfully completed in December 1996 on an old 10-speed “racer” left over from my son’s more youthful years. The spreadsheet below is a schematic CV of all my cycling tours to date and my cycling blogs are also accessible below.

Following compulsory retirement in 1999, I planned to go to the USA and ride from San Francisco to Denver, dismissing the obvious negatives:  I had never toured alone, unsupported and fully-loaded before;  I would be riding alone and far from familiar territory;  The terrain was going to be tough – over the Sierra Nevada mountains, along “the loneliest highway in the USA” (US 50) and across both the Continental Divide and the Front Range of the Rockies;  There would be few, if any, transport alternatives in the early stages, eg, Amtrak or Greyhound services;  My schedule required an average 100kms per day for 20 days, with no planned rest day(s). Sanity eventually prevailed but only after I'd had to make a hasty (and cold, and isolated) bush camp in a snowstorm at 7,000' in the Sierras, on my third night out. I cut back my riding days and average distances, making progress with the help of a rented truck across most of Nevada and then a Greyhound bus from Salt Lake City to the foothills of the Rockies. Nevertheless, I DID manage to cycle fully-loaded and unsupported across the Sierra Nevada, then over the Divide in the Rockies.

A couple of months later I also rode alone down the west coast from Eugene, Oregon, to San Francisco.

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After an overnight flight from Tokyo, August 2008.

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in deference to those who need to see a pic of the author ...... and who may now wish they hadn't!

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Updated: 2 June 2014

Journals and articles:

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 Journal   Nashville to New Jersey in 2015   Bob Schofield  Dec 30 
83 days until start
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 Journal   Bike South 2010   Bob Schofield  Jul 2010 
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 Journal   Cancelled - a Short Tour to the Finnish Lake District   Bob Schofield  May 2008 
Completed May 2008
 Journal   Great Ride In The South in 2007   Bob Schofield, Bruce Day and Bob McConkey Jr  Jul 2007 
Completed Jun 2007
 Journal   United Kingdom 2006   Bruce Day, Bob Schofield and David Irvine  Mar 2008 
Completed Jul 2006
 Journal   2005 (2) A Short Tour in South West Finland   Bob Schofield  Jan 2006 
Completed Aug 2005
 Journal   2005 (1) A Brisbane ANZAC Tour   Bob Schofield  Apr 2006 
Completed Apr 2005
 Journal   2004 (2) Land's End to Bristol, SW England   Bob Schofield  Jan 2006 
Completed Jul 2004
 Journal   2004 (1) Riding A "Boomerang" to Nashville   Bob Schofield  Jan 2006 
Completed Jun 2004
 Journal   2003 A Short Tour in South Eastern Finland   Bob Schofield  Jan 2006 
Completed Jul 2003Featured Journal #61
 Journal   2002 A Crossing of the Southern USA   Bob Schofield  Apr 2006 
Completed Mar 2003

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