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Michael McGovern (Vas)

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Joined: 11 September 2005
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Bio: A 24 year old college graduate, already sick of the day-to-day, "making a living", "getting by" lifestyle of an engineer. I'm an eagle scout, very much in love with the outdoors, and the office is killing me. I'm going to attempt a transamerica for several reasons: 1. Trying the lifestyle of a drifter. 2. Visit friends in other states 3. Discover myself 4. Burn off the remaining "baby fat". I feel that so much of my life has been based on getting by and other people's help, that I must accomplish something amazing, entirely of my own will. And the Southern Tier made sense, being that I've already done several day treks, including the westside of Manhatten, and have a lot of experience with camping. I hope this'll be the jolt of life I crave. Wish me luck.


I'm a 26 year old veteran bicyclist whose been living on the West coast since the end of my last tour 2 years ago. Carless since, and in love with cycling, I will be dragging myself and supplies to start up in Las Vegas.

Updated: 7 July 2008

Journals and articles:

Summary Expanded
Type Title Author Updated Status Hitcount
 Journal   Moving from Subdued excitement to Sin   Michael McGovern  Mar 2009 
Completed Feb 2010Featured Journal #599
 Journal   Vas' Odyssey   Michael McGovern  Dec 2007 
Completed Aug 2006Featured Journal #288

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