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Ron Wheeler (Miles2go)

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Joined: 3 July 2004
Topics: Bicycle Touring  Hiking 
Bio: I try each year to step beyond the normal day-to-day, be it a bicycle tour or some other adventure. You’ll find a few general representations of these endeavors here.

About me? I am a retired veteran, retired martial arts expert, a professional photographer, marketing consultant for a national non-profit, aspiring visionary and endurance athlete. : )

Since this is a profile on a touring related website, it should be added that I have done what I can to give back to and promote bicycle touring on a global scale and for free and free of ads.

Many years ago I created The Loaded Touring Bike - Photo Gallery. The purpose of the site was to gather inspiration from around the world and display it without language barriers, so the entire world could also enjoy it. It went international rapidly and with no advertising. The site has had over 14 million visits to the gallery alone and continues to draw in new followers everyday, over 8 years after I published it.

Keep imagining what’s possible and continue to follow those dreams.


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1,000 words on Switzerland

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1,000 words on Alaska

Updated: 20 September 2013

Journals and articles:

Summary Expanded
Type Title Author Updated Status Hitcount
 Article   A Colorado Town Has Banned Bicycling!! Steer Clear!!   Ron Wheeler  Jun 2010 
Completed Jun 2010
 Journal   Rendezvous at Rock Cliff - A UBTS Event   Ron Wheeler  Aug 2007 
Completed Aug 2007
 Journal   Lost in Switzerland   Ron Wheeler  Mar 2010 
Completed May 2007
 Journal   An Alaskan Adventure   Ron Wheeler  Apr 2010 
Completed Mar 2010
 Journal   To Bar Harbor and Back   Ron Wheeler  Jan 2006 
Completed Aug 2005
 Journal   1,000 Miles to Nowhere   Ron Wheeler  Dec 2005 
Completed Jul 2004
 Article   Bicycle Touring Cards or Travel to make your own.   Ron Wheeler  Nov 2007 
Completed May 2005

1 personal resource entry:

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The Loaded Touring Bike - Photo Gallery... A Worldwide Gathering of over 350 bikes Website:   Art,   Bicycle touring,   Bikes (folding),   Bikes (mountain),   Bikes (recumbent),   Bikes (tandem),   Bikes (touring),   Bikes (trike),   Links,   Nature,   Offroad biking,   Photo Gallery,   Photography N/A Sat 14 Jan 2012

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