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Jerry Dance (DancesWithCars)

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Joined: 13 August 2004
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Locale: North America > United States > Virginia > Arlington
Bio: 20110616:

Back on CGOAB after a few years off...

Gotten into all of the Washington DC area bike coops, and as I said coming in "I Just Pedal", but learning a little, though most of my time is spent teaching people what a Coop is (you work on your own bike, we have tools, supplies and some parts)...

Taken a few classes, over and over, in preparation to teach Basic Mechanics, Taken Basic by different people and organizations. People teach it differently based on their experience, though most use something like Park's outlines

Need to learn fitting a bike, as lots of people when I'm greeting, are asking about it, does this bike fit me? How does it feel? Check for Terry Bikes' Geometry videos, which say you have to ride the bike, the geometry and measuring doesn't do it...

Back from a taxi running over my feet a few years ago, and did a short overnight along the C&O Canal with , well, I met them there anyway, kind of a mini group experience, as I , pedaled there myself and the way back alone too, so a little like solo, but without the down / alone time at a campsite...

BTW: Bike sharing changed in Washington, DC and now includes Arlington, but at $30 for 3 hours or so, it's no longer useful to me, cost prohibitive, so doing very little wandering around DC on bike shares...

Did a few ride marshalls, on BikeDC, and way back a Bike Rodeo at the convention center in DC, mostly with WABA or associated.

Did one Alley Cat Race in Halloween time last year, interesting, though requires a GPS with data plan to look up clues, so lost after a trick question. Finished it all but the last one, well behind the others, given the missing link. One person at least was hit by a car during that race...

Took the LAB Confident City Cycling 1 (CCC1) course, which was not the bike messenger survival course type thing I had been hoping for... Required a photo at the end, declined to be photographed, so probably failed just on that... Seems to be more about sales, the online segment was purchasing types of stuff, so the industry is more prevalent than I would like, I did learn a few things, but not as much as hoped. Luckily it didn't cost me much, as subsidized by the local jurisdiction, but also not for the low income people as had hoped...

Some advocacy in local governments, but that is not as a I had hoped either...

So lots of biking, just not much touring...

Connecting with Computing Across America guy, Steve Roberts, ( ), now interested in NoMadness, a 44 steel hulled mobile workshop, for Gonzo Engineering. Might put some stuff up about that, probably in resources... Interesting and kind fellow. Not sure I can do what he did, the times are different, I'm now older and I'm not that publicity friendly...


Bike sharing is interesting, though the headlights don't seem to be worth shit and it seems like a girls' bike, which has offended some females, but humored most.

Some cleanup after a while out... Can't afford to tour and the weather sucks in the northern hemisphere most of the time in December, so not much to blog about here...

Interesting that my bike trips get much more web views than anything serious I do, but having fun must read better? Is touring really fun? ;-} I've forgotten...

Friday July 13, 2007:

Not much biking though got a folding bike but no bag (out of stock) so can't really try out the special features...

Did a C&O Canal boat tour and hoping to put that up, though mostly movie clips and audio, which CGOAB doesn't handle well yet? so maybe a pbwiki?

Spring/Summer 2006:

More to say about little trips around the Washington, DC area and a bigger Canal2006 trip, or what I call "random acts of stupidity" ;-)

My writing hasn't improved much, but hacking instead of just journalling to myself....

Oh, yeah, a profile. I do loaded touring of about 200 miles. Originally wanted to do a cross country or 2/3 across, but eventually, figured out how much that would cost, and opted for in state tours.

Discovered Dynohubs for some of that "out of battery" problem. And wandered into "Computing Across America" [] and wondering, how stupid can I be? ;-)

Aug 2004: Preparing for the first big tour to Richmond from Washington, DC: Not much to say yet, busy planning and preparing.

I have enjoyed the Original journal that started all of this and learned many things like general delivery mail option, HALT is necessary for dogs, Kentucky and Kansas may not be fun, maps change, and much more.

Wish me luck, as it's Friday the 13th as things are progressing slowly getting prepared and planning.

But on the positive, the Olympics started today. See for some cycling related stuff too...

enjoy, DancesWithCars (will leave the wolves behind :-) )

Updated: 16 June 2011

Journals and articles:

Summary Expanded
Type Title Author Updated Status Hitcount
 Journal   C&O Canal Chain Bridge to White's Ferry and back   Jerry Dance  Jun 2011 
Completed Jun 2011
 Journal   Alexandria, VA to Front Royal, VA   Jerry Dance  Mar 2007 
Completed Mar 2007
 Journal   Virginia to Mississippi River or on to Colorado, ABORTED   Jerry Dance  Sep 2006 
Completed May 2006
 Journal   Virginia - Washington DC suburbs to Richmond   Jerry Dance  May 2006 
Completed Oct 2004
 Journal   Chesapeake and Ohio Canal 2006   Jerry Dance  Sep 2006 
Completed Jun 2006
 Journal   Annapolis > Baltimore, er no, forgot tent gear in drop off trunk, so back to Washington DC MetroRail   Jerry Dance  Sep 2006 
Completed Jun 2006
 Journal   Devil's Triangle aka Washington to Baltimore & Annapolis   Jerry Dance  Sep 2006 
Completed Jul 2006
 Journal   Camping and North to Western then Southern Fairfax County as alternate CCT Trailfest Day   Jerry Dance  Jun 2006 
Completed Jun 2006
 Journal   Cross County Trail (CCT) Fairfax County, VA's NEW North South in Multitour Segments   Jerry Dance  Jun 2006 
Completed Jun 2006
 Journal   Alexandria, VA to Madison, VA   Jerry Dance  Mar 2007 
Completed Mar 2007
 Journal   Arlington Alexandria Community Ride   Jerry Dance  Jun 2007 
Completed Aug 2007
 Journal   C&O Canal Boat tour   Jerry Dance  Jul 2007 
Completed Sep 2007

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