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Brad Bergerson (BradBergerson)

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Joined: 15 January 2005
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Bio: Born in 1954, I'm married and have one son. Besides bicycle touring, in my spare time I enjoy doing stained glass projects, attending live music, following University of Minnesota sports and relaxing at our cabin in northern Minnesota. My bicycle touring style is as follows: I'm not a strong or fast rider. I stop often, being more concerned about the scenery than the number of miles covered (of course all us slow riders say that). I try to keep my load somewhat light and compact, but do not go to any extremes. I prefer to camp, but do not feel the least bit guilty at staying at a motel when whim or circumstances dictate. I like travelling solo for the felxibility it allows. I eat out along the way for the most part. An old fashioned fart, I'm not enamored with computers while touring, gps, e-mail or cell phones. I prefer to start my touring days early in the morning and finish by mid-afternoon. I'm quite shy by nature but do my best to push that aside when I tour. There's too many intersting people in this world worth meeting.
Updated: 16 February 2014

Journals and articles:

Summary Expanded
Type Title Author Updated Status Hitcount
 Journal   Bike'n it, Hike'n it, Like'n it   Brad Bergerson  Nov 2013 
Completed Nov 2013
 Journal   Rock and Awe   Brad Bergerson  Nov 2009 
Completed Nov 2008
 Journal   A Taste of North Dakota   Brad Bergerson  Nov 2006 
Completed Sep 2006
 Journal   Lewis & Clark Trail   Brad Bergerson  May 2006 
Completed Mar 2005
 Journal   Summer Fun   Brad Bergerson  Mar 2006 
Completed Feb 2006Featured Journal #162
 Journal   Lewis & Clark Trail - Again   Brad Bergerson  Oct 2005 
Completed Aug 2005

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