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Stephen Warren-Smith (StephenWarrenSmith)

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Joined: 29 July 2010
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Locale: Oceania > Australia > South Australia > Adelaide  - map
Bio: At the moment I am a physics PhD student at The University of Adelaide, which I aim to finish by the end of September 2010. I will then have been a student at the same university for seven continuous years. About time to get out and go for a ride I think! Outside of uni I am actively involved in Scouts and the South Australian Rogaining Association (SARA). In Scouts I'm a member of the Scout Bushwalking team and assist in organising events such as Easter Venture. As a member of SARA I compete in most events, such as 24 hr rogaines, and have been both assistant and lead organizer of several events. I have also done several bushwalking expeditions in the last few years such as in the Northern Flinders Ranges and south-west Tasmania, and cycle trips such as a circuit around the York Peninsula (South Australia) and a trip from Melbourne to Adelaide.

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Contact: Email: scwarrensmith at gmail dot com
Updated: 5 August 2010

Journals and articles:

Summary Expanded
Type Title Author Updated Status Hitcount
 Journal   World Jamboree Trike Expedition   Adam Kilpatrick and Stephen Warren-Smith  Dec 2011 
Completed Dec 2011Featured Journal #577
 Journal   Stretching the legs   Adam Kilpatrick and Stephen Warren-Smith  Jul 2010 
Completed Jul 2010

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