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Ted White (vrac)

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Joined: 9 February 2011
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Bio: Getting the iron out...long distance trips include:


- (Baltic Sea to Barcelona to Toulouse to Narbonne) 4,379 km in 35 days


-(Boston to San Diego) 4,301 miles in 55 days

-(New Mexico/Arizona border to Bakersfield, CA) 718 miles in 11 days

-(Boston to Sherbrooke, Qu├ębec to Boston) 917 miles in 13 days

-(Argentina to Portland, OR and still going) 18,500 plus miles in 555 days

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On the Blue Ridge Parkway

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Riding out of Death Valley

Contact: vrac_98 at yahoo dot com
Updated: 17 June 2014

Journals and articles:

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Completed Sep 2014Featured Journal #554
 Journal   Spain to France test run   Ted White  Oct 2012 
Completed Oct 2012
 Journal   Barcelona - Narbonne   Ted White  Apr 2012 
Completed Apr 2012
 Article   Thoughts on northern New England/Quebec   Ted White  Sep 2011 
Completed Sep 2011
 Article   Crossing the desert   Ted White  Jul 2011 
Completed Jul 2011

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