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Pat Garnett (pgarnett)

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Joined: 11 December 2007
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Locale: North America > Canada > Ontario > London  - map
Bio: I was born in 1955 grew up near Sydney, Nova Scotia. Other than fighting with my brothers and sisters and swimming in the Altantic across the road, sports were not a part of my life. I still am not much good at most sports. I left home at 17, moved to Toronto to work, like so many in Cape Breton at the time. One of my jobs was working in an optical store, which I seemed to have some aptitude for, so I went to night school for several years to get my optician’s licence. With my husband of the day and son, I moved to London to take up managing a new store. Mostly as a stress-reliever, I used to go running by myself from time to time. I met some people, including Brian, to train with and got fully hooked on running. I ran my first race in 1992 at age 37. By 1998 I was ranked ninth in Canada in the marathon after a few sub-3:00 marathons. Go figure! If only we knew what talents we might have if we had the chance to try different things.

The next thing I tried was triathlon. It was a struggle as I could not swim well at all and was scared to death of falling off the bicycle. With perseverance (some might say obsessiveness) I caught on, did a few shorter events and ultimately an Ironman event in Lake Placid.

Brian and I retired in May, 2008. A cross-Canada bike ride was our first retirement adventure. Like previous things, it was scary too, at least the mountain parts of the ride for me, but nothing is free of risk. I married Brian and that turned out OK!

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Updated: 27 January 2010

Journals and articles:

Summary Expanded
Type Title Author Updated Status Hitcount
 Journal   Western Parks *   Brian Garnett and Pat Garnett  Sat 25 
Completed Oct 2014
 Journal   Completing the Loop around America   Brian Garnett, Pat Garnett and Tom Williamson  Dec 2012 
Completed Dec 2012
 Journal   Desert to Bayou Country   Brian Garnett and Pat Garnett  Mar 2012 
Completed Dec 2011
 Journal   Desert to Redwoods   Brian Garnett and Pat Garnett  May 2010 
Completed May 2010
 Journal   A long way to go...   Brian Garnett and Pat Garnett  May 2012 
Completed Sep 2008

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