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Maui Cai (mauicai)

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Joined: 22 May 2012
Topics: Bicycle Touring 

I've been on an oatmeal rampage. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.

I've also been thinking about nutrition as I mentally prepare for "the big quit" and head out on the road.

Oatmeal is ideal. Easy to store. Easy to prepare. Easy to digest. Nutritious. Cheap. Available everywhere.

All you need to do is boil some water and in short order, you have a meal.

I love oatmeal!

Other thoughts to be delved into:

  • how to run your own business from the road, because i love being the boss
  • the ideal bike for touring
  • visiting all 50 states and beyond
  • internet connectivity
  • tweeting, blogging, vlogging
  • the incredible, edible aa battery

Tours planned:

  • "No Chance In Hell"
  • "Give Into Temptation"
  • "Don't Be A Quitter"
  • "Face It You Suck"
  • "Prepared Fresh Daily"
  • "You Can't Beat Free"
  • "It's Not Personal It's Business"
  • "Drop In Anytime"
  • "No Reservation Required"
  • "I Have A Great Idea"
  • "I Have Time to Kill"
  • "Capture Every Moment"
  • "Take It In Stride"
  • "We're Just Friends"
  • "Help If You Can"
  • "I Love Roadkill"
  • "Feels Like Heaven"
  • "Iron Cowboy"
  • "I Love Rides"
  • "Hooked On Fun"
  • "I Love Carbon"
  • "I Love Steel"
  • "I Love Titanium"
  • "Soul Slide"
  • "What Is On Your Mind"
  • "Who You Kidding"
  • "Rise To The Next Level"
  • "It Only Takes One"
  • "I Love Taking Photos"
  • "Are You F*cking Nuts"
  • "I Speak My Mind"
  • "A Blueprint For Success"
  • "I Love Traveling"
  • "I Love Travelling"
  • "Bike Bum"
  • "I Love Georgia"
  • "Solo Journey"
  • "Small Adventures"
  • "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words"
  • "I Love Being Alive"
  • "Warrior Heart"
  • "Daily Travels"
  • "Urban Threat"
  • "Leisure Travels"
  • "Big Bunny"
  • "I Love Bunnies"
  • "Aquatic Fun"
  • "I Love to Be Happy!"
  • "I Love Being Happy!"
  • "I Love Fall"
  • "Super Shark"
  • "I Love Donuts"
  • "I Love Veggies"
  • "I Love Being Alive!"
  • "I Love To Be Alive!"
  • "Let's Make Friends!"
  • "You Can Feel The Difference!"
  • "Lone Soul"
  • "Urban Outings"
  • "I Love September"
  • "I Love March"
  • "I Love December"
  • "I Love October"
  • "I Love January"
  • "I Love N..."
  • "I Love F..."
  • "I Love V..."
  • "I Love G..."
  • "Jesus 1"
  • "I Love Missouri"
  • "Hey Bitches! (A working title)"
  • "Heart Journey"
  • "Bike Wrench"
  • "I Love San Francisco"
  • "Aloha Wind"
  • "Festival On Wheels"
  • "Big Sky USA"
  • "Mr Biker"
  • "I Wanna Fly Away"
  • "I Was In An Accident!"
  • "You Animal!"
  • "Bikers Unite!"
  • "Happy Drifter"
  • "Dance4Joy!"
  • "Big Open Road"
  • "Analog Machine"
  • "Bachelor's Club"
  • "What's The Matter With you?!"
  • "Hello Mag"
  • "I Love LA"
  • "I Love Chickens"
  • "Solo Biker"
  • "I Love OZ"
  • "I Love Massachusetts"
  • "I Love Bridges!"
  • "Gap Teeth In Your Mouth"
  • "The Power Of The Cross"
  • "Zombie Cult!"
  • "I've Joined the TRIKE CLUB!"
  • "Rebel Soul"
  • "Earth-Tour!"
  • "I Love Skunks"
  • "Storm Maker"
  • "Never-Say-Never"
  • "Whiskey-River" Tour
  • "Urban Velocity"
  • "Eternal Flight"
  • "Where's the Cheese?!"
  • "Loving Las Vegas"
  • "Electric-Man!"
  • "Live-Your-Dreams"
  • "Land Your Dream Job!"
  • "Heart Of Fire"
  • "Golden Journeys"
  • "Bike Cruise"
  • "Diverse Directions"
  • "Ameritrail"
  • "New Rainbow"
  • "Healthy Breeze"
  • "Thunder Wheels"
  • "Nocturnal Creations"
Updated: 27 December 2012

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