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Kelly Iniguez (kellyiniguez)

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Joined: 10 December 2005
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Locale: North America > United States > Colorado > Garfield > Rifle  - map
Bio: I realized that the bicycle was a form of transportation as a young adult when I had un unreliable car. The mornings the car wouldn't start, I bicycled. When we moved out of town and it was a 15 mile round trip to work, a lightbulb went off in my head. "Wow, I can really go distances with my bicycle. I feel energized and happy when I arrive." I started bicycling weekends for fun. A girlfriend and I regularly rode to the neighboring town for breakfast on Sunday. Peoples jaws dropped in amazement? Twenty miles!?!? How and why would you do that? This was the early 80's and I did not wear any bicycle specific gear or know anyone who did. I had never heard of the Trans Am in 1976. For years I was happy doing shorter local rides.

By 1992 I was cycling longer distances recreationally on a regular basis. I read in our local paper of a new cross state bicycle ride from Grand Junction, CO to Lamar, CO. A good friend of mine lived in Junction. We lived in Lamar. Despite her hanging up on me when I first suggested the ride, I eventually talked Jan into the ride. Mentally I was petrified. Could I really ride over Monarch Pass? Could I do those distances? What about the heat and the wind? Once I successfully climbed Monarch you could have put Mt. Everest in front of me. I was on cloud nine and the rest of the trip was a happy fog. I was hooked.

For several years I did organized, sagged rides. My husband and children, and an occasional friend joined me. We did a few weekend hotel trips carrying our own gear. Then we graduated to longer self contained camping trips. I have yet to do a solo self contained trip. Having the self confidence to camp out at night alone and not be worried about the bogey man is a big goal of mine.

Summer 2005 I went on an ACA month long self contained trip. It was a dream come true. Now I think the best cycling trips are long trips!

I was born in 1962. I grew up in the movie theatre business. For 25 years my husband and I ran an old fashioned one screen movie theatre. A dinosaur. It's a fun, easy lifestyle.

Both my husband and I drive school bus. I frequently bicycle to the bus mornings. I love watching the sunrise and hearing the birds wake up while cycling.

The kids are gone. We sold the movie theatre in the fall of 2010.

In 1998 I switched from a diamond frame bicycle to a recumbent for comfort reasons. I bought my first recumbent without ever having seen one in person, much less having tried one. It was a RANS Stratus. I rode many a happy mile on that bike, including my first long tour in 2005. I tried many different styles and brands of recumbents, but kept coming back to the Stratus model.

I am the self proclaimed Stratus Queen. Below are photos of all of my Strati in order of purchase and use. I've loved every one - still own them all!

1998 Stratus LE - upgraded w/custom wheels Phil Wood hubs

Stratus XP in steel - upgraded w/BB7 disc brakes and custom wheels/w Phil Wood hubs. Spoke count 40/48- total overkill - but I wanted complete assurance I could ride Canada and Alaska with no wheel troubles.

Stratus XP in Titanium - Oooh la la! I call it my Magic Carpet ride because no matter how far I go, I'm never tired when I get there. 650 American Wheelset. She's a light and fast credit card touring bike.

Stratus XP in Aluminum - As John C. said - it's 95% of the Ti bike at a fraction of the cost of the Ti version. I run the stock wheels on this one, but I wonder what she'd feel like with a custom set. A great, great ride. So why did RANS discontinue it this year?

My newest wheels - a Catrike Villager. The trike buzz has been getting louder and louder. I had a Greenspeed back at the beginning of the trike revolution - didn't really do it for me. But, I'm giving three wheels another try. We'll see.

Whatever I ride, it's always a good time!

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In front of one of the many waterfalls on the Columbia River Parkway.

Image on journal page: Cascade Locks, OR - Portland, OR: Climbing on the Columbia. in journal Following the Lewis and Clark Trail 2005Featured Journal #177 by Kelly Iniguez (Completed Jan 2006)

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On the Icefields Parkway in 2008.

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2011 - on the last day of the Slumgullion Tour between Lake City and Gunnison, CO.

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I started to run out of steam as the trail took more of an upward tilt outside of Basalt. I stopped here for a snack.

Image on journal page: The last hurrah of the summer! in journal A Weekend Escape on the Rio Grande Trail by Kelly Iniguez (Completed Feb 2013)

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My new commuter ride - a Catrike Villager. There's no falling over on the sand or ice with three wheels!

Contact: kelly.iniguez at gmail dot com
Updated: 24 March 2013

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Completed Jan 2014
 Article   Loaded Bicycles   Kelly Iniguez and Jonathan Voelz  Oct 15 
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 Journal   A Weekend Escape on the Rio Grande Trail   Kelly Iniguez  Feb 2013 
Completed Feb 2013
 Article   Discovering County Road 8 in Colorado   Kelly Iniguez  Jun 2012 
Completed Jun 2012
 Journal   Spring break tour in the Colorado Rockies.   Kelly Iniguez  Apr 2012 
Completed Mar 2012
 Article   Meetings on the Road   Jonathan Voelz and Kelly Iniguez  Sep 11 
Work in progress
 Journal   Grand Mesa, CO loop 2011   Kelly Iniguez  Jun 2011 
Completed Jun 2011
 Journal   The Mountain Goat Tour   Kelly Iniguez  Dec 2011 
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Completed Dec 2010
 Article   Making the leap to fully self contained touring.   Kelly Iniguez  Jan 2013 
Completed Sep 2010
 Article   Making the leap to credit card touring.   Kelly Iniguez  Jan 2013 
Completed Sep 2010
 Journal   Wolf Creek Loop 2010   Kelly Iniguez  Oct 2010 
Completed Aug 2010
 Journal   Slumgullion Tour 2010   Kelly Iniguez  Sep 2010 
Completed Aug 2010
 Journal   S240 from Rifle, CO 2009   Kelly Iniguez  Sep 2010 
Completed Sep 2009
 Journal   Expanded Slumgullion Tour 2009   Kelly Iniguez  Sep 2013 
Completed Sep 2009
 Journal   Bathing Optional - Unless It Comes From the Sky Above!   Kelly Iniguez  Sep 2011 
Completed Dec 2008
 Journal   Bianchi Boys Go Slummin' 2008   Kelly Iniguez  Dec 2009 
Completed Sep 2008
 Journal   S240 from Rifle, CO 2007   Kelly Iniguez  Sep 2009 
Completed Sep 2007
 Journal   ACA's 2007 Denali Adventure   Kelly Iniguez  Dec 2008 
Completed Aug 2007
 Journal   Four Weeks in Oregon and Idaho- Summer 2006   Kelly Iniguez  Jun 2010 
Completed Jul 2006
 Journal   Following the Lewis and Clark Trail 2005   Kelly Iniguez  May 2011 
Completed Jan 2006Featured Journal #177
 Journal   A Recumbent Tour of Wyoming. 2004   Kelly Iniguez  Aug 2007 
Completed Jan 2006
 Journal   Touring the Mickelson Trail Summer 2002   Kelly Iniguez  Oct 2010 
Completed May 2002

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