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Chris Holdsworth (jackflash)

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Joined: 24 March 2008
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Locale: Europe > United Kingdom > England > Oxfordshire > Oxford  - map
Bio: Born and Bred in NZ, but I've spent the last decade or so livng in different countries in Europe. Love exploring by bike, but never made enough time for longer rides. I once bought a big, black Batavus touring cycle in Amsterdam, bought a BOB trailer and threw my backpack and guitar in the back. Headed north up to Oslo, and then over to Stockholm, busking all the way (Scandanavia's so pricy, I though it prudent not to take any money). Had to sell bike and BOB to fly back home. Finally bought a nice touring bike again (a Surly LHT) and planning some rides for this summer with my wife, Linda. Off to the North of England for the C2C in May.

Gearing up toward a longer adventure at the end of the year...somewhere warm

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Loving that Lost Feeling...somewhere in the Cotswolds

Contact: electricrams at gmail dot com
Updated: 16 October 2014

Journals and articles:

Summary Expanded
Type Title Author Updated Status Hitcount
 Journal   Lusitania, as summer fades *   Chris Holdsworth  Thu 16 
Work in progress
 Journal   Norway - Under the Midnight Sun   Chris Holdsworth  Sep 5 
Completed Sep 2014
 Journal   Paris to Istanbul on an Oriental Odyssey   Chris Holdsworth  Feb 9 
Completed Dec 2012
 Journal   Whisky on the West Coast   Chris Holdsworth  May 2012 
Completed May 2012
 Journal   Bordeaux to San Sebastian   Chris Holdsworth  Aug 2012 
Completed May 2012
 Journal   Diving into the sweaty underbelly of South East Asia   Chris Holdsworth  Feb 2012 
Completed Jul 2010
 Journal   New Zealand : Outpedalling The Oncoming Winter...or not.   Chris Holdsworth  May 2010 
Completed May 2010
 Journal   Gringo in Guatemala   Chris Holdsworth  Apr 2009 
Completed Apr 2009
 Journal   Three slices of Italian Cake   Chris Holdsworth  Aug 2008 
Completed Aug 2008Featured Journal #294
 Journal   From Coast to Coast UK   Chris Holdsworth  May 2008 
Completed May 2008

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