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iain c (iainc)

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Joined: 18 October 2005
Pseudonym: For privacy reasons, this user has opted to use a pseudonym (also known as a pen name or alias) rather than their real name.
Topics: Bicycle Life  Bicycle Touring  Hiking 
Locale: Europe > United Kingdom > Scotland > Lanarkshire > Glasgow  - map
Bio: I live near Glasgow, Scotland.

Other than touring my riding is mostly casual rides in and around town on roads, trails, and canal towpaths. The odd bit of mountain biking as well.

Updated: 8 October 2014

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Journals and articles:

Summary Expanded
Type Title Author Updated Status Hitcount
 Journal   Fat Man On The Southern Tier   iain c  May 2013 
Completed May 2013Featured Journal #552
 Journal   Fat Man Rides Again: Washington DC - San Francisco   iain c  Sep 2011 
Completed Sep 2011Featured Journal #470
 Article   A Cheap Off-road Tourer   iain c  Apr 2010 
Completed Apr 2010
 Journal   UK South to North - The Other End to End   iain c  May 2010 
Completed May 2010
 Journal   Fat Man On A Transam   iain c  Sep 2009 
Completed Sep 2009Featured Journal #344
 Journal   A Short Trip From Side To Side (A Scottish Coast To Coast)   iain c  May 2008 
Completed May 2008
 Journal   A Short Trip To The Cairngorms (offroad in Scotland)   iain c  Dec 2010 
Completed May 2007Featured Journal #269
 Journal   A Short Trip To The Devils Staircase - Off Road Tour in Scotland   iain c  Oct 2007 
Completed Apr 2007
 Journal   A Short Trip To The South (on/off road in Scotland)   iain c  Jul 2007 
Completed Jul 2007
 Journal   A Short Trip From Coast to Coast   iain c  Mar 2007 
Completed Oct 2006
 Journal   A Short Trip To The Edge Of The World   iain c  Oct 2006 
Completed May 2006

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