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Tricia Graham (hitchen)

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Joined: 2 November 2009
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Locale: Oceania > New Zealand > Unknown > Pokeno  - map
Bio: Ken and I are two Kiwis in our mid seventies. Ken is a retired Cardiac Surgeon and I (Tricia) am a retired teacher. We live on 100 acres about 50 kilometers south of Auckland where we grow grapes, make wine, raise sheep and fatten cattle. Ken has been a keen endurance athlete completing 10 Ironman events, numerous marathons and ultra distance events. We have both enjoyed long distance walking tours. When I turned 70 however I decided I needed a new challenge and after 45 years off a bike I took up cycling. This has sparked our love affair with cycle touring and that year (2009) we rode from London to Rome, in 2010 the trip was from Hamburg to Venice via Slovenia, in 2011 we had a wonderful trip via the EV6 from Paris to Budapest then back to Passau and over the Dolamites to Venice. We flew into Copenhagen in 2012 and rode our bikes to Milan. Our 2013 trip will took us from London to Lisbon and this year we intend to fly into Dusseldorf and take a tortuous route to our homeward flight from Warsaw .
Updated: 4 May 2014

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Journals and articles:

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Type Title Author Updated Status Hitcount
 Journal   The Tractors between London and Lisbon   Tricia Graham  Feb 11 
Completed Feb 2014
 Journal   Hunting down Ancient Tractors between Dusseldorf and Warsaw   Tricia Graham  Oct 19 
Work in progress
 Journal   From Copenhagen's Little Mermaid to Milan's Great Cathedral   Tricia Graham  Oct 2012 
Completed Oct 2012
 Journal   Kiwis enjoying cycling in their own land   Tricia Graham  Jun 2012 
Completed Jun 2012
 Journal   A River Route through Europe searching for a good cup of coffee   Tricia Graham  Dec 2011 
Completed Dec 2011
 Journal   From the North Sea to the Adriatic   Tricia Graham  Oct 2010 
Completed Oct 2010

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