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Avinash Kachhy (bikedreamer)

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Joined: 9 May 2010
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Locale: North America > United States > New Jersey > Middlesex > Edison  - map
Bio: I am a male in late 50s. I grew up in India riding a Raleigh utility bike (single speed with free wheel, steel rims, rod brakes) from the 7th grade thru grad school to initial employment.

Fast forward 30+ years, immigration to US, career, family, etc., excuses, excuses..

Though I owned a bike and used it in summers over the past, I never knew one could take multi day trips on a bike till recently. I really want to commute but it takes too long to ride 20 miles each way.

Lately, I am very much interested in bicycle touring and am putting together the required paraphernalia and reading anything I can lay my hands on about bicycle touring. I am also a volunteer bike mechanic at a local charity, making donated bikes roadworthy to be sold in their shop to generate funds.

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Running at NYC Half 2012

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Updated: 22 June 2013

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