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Brian Garnett (bgarnett)

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Joined: 11 December 2007
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Locale: North America > Canada > Ontario > London  - map
Bio: Now in my sixties, I figure there aren’t likely too many years left that my younger wife Pat and I can undertake cycle-touring adventures. After dealing with prostate cancer in 2006 I came to the revelation that I am not immortal after all and am pretty lucky to enjoy good health otherwise. We decided to pack in working in 2008, at least at jobs that require us to show up every day. Mine, as an optometrist, has been great. I have met and hopefully helped an awful lot of fine people. That part I miss, but not the relentless schedule. A long distance bike ride with no deadlines sounded like a perfect way to start this new part of our life. A few days after retiring, we started a cross-Canada ride in aid of prostate cancer research. It was an amazing experience.

I have always been involved in sports, both while growing up in Carman, Manitoba, and since then. After the usual team sports I joined in on the first running boom and have kept that up at ever-declining volumes and speeds. I ran a lot of marathons along with half a dozen of the Boston ones. The body doesn’t seem to like running so much any more. We caught the next wave of “in” sports with triathlon, did a bunch of those, even an Ironman in 2000. The best long-term part of triathlon was learning to swim and discovering long-distance cycling. We love the quiet, freedom and simplicity of a country ride.

I met Pat in 1991. We trained together for years and got married in 2003. So far, so good.

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Updated: 28 February 2010

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