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max gallo (aquilante)

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Joined: 4 November 2011
Pseudonym: For privacy reasons, this user has opted to use a pseudonym (also known as a pen name or alias) rather than their real name.
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Contact: My website:
Updated: 7 January 2014

Journals and articles:

Summary Expanded
Type Title Author Updated Status Hitcount
 Journal   The Call Of The Wild: Yukon and Alaska   max gallo  Aug 18 
Completed Aug 2014
 Journal   Beyond the Iron Curtain: from Varsaw to Moscow   max gallo  Feb 21 
Completed Oct 2012
 Journal   The Heart of China   max gallo  Feb 21 
Completed Mar 2012
 Journal   The Kingdom in the Sky and Cape Agulhas: Lesotho and SouthAfrica   max gallo  Feb 21 
Completed Sep 2012

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Europe > Italy
Europe > Italy > Campania
Europe > Italy > Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Europe > Italy > Lazio
Europe > Italy > Liguria
Europe > Italy > Tuscany
Europe > Belarus
Europe > Russia
Europe > Switzerland
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Asia > China
Asia > China > Shanxi Sheng
Asia > China > Shaanxi Sheng
Asia > China > Hebei Sheng
Asia > China > Beijing Shi
Africa > South Africa
Africa > Lesotho
North America > Canada > Yukon Territory
North America > United States > Alaska
Tue 3 Jun 2014

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