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Jerry Griswold (TouringbyBike)

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Joined: 30 August 2005
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Locale: North America > United States > California > Butte > Chico  - map
Bio: UPDATED 7/2014

Marco Polo, 1254-1324, was one of the world's greatest explorers. On his deathbed, his family begged Marco to confess that he had lied in telling of his many travel stories. Marco refused, insisting "I have only told half of what I've seen".

My cycling journals have a lot in common with Marco's travel experiences as I have explored 54 countries. At last count I've traveled on more than 150 bike trips and have experienced and witnessed amazing sights and sounds during many years of touring. Touring at a cyclist's pace, while riding along less traveled roads, has rewarded me also been some tough challenges. My travel journals, written over a period of many years, have been sent to a lot of friends and acquaintances, and although I try to be thorough in describing the trips, I probably have not mentioned half of what I've seen or experienced. My early journals, before CGOAB, were hand written, then copies were mailed to friends and family. Then sometime in the early 1990s I started using e-mail to send my journals. A few years ago I discovered this great web site, www.crazyguyonabike, and it has been a wonderful method that allows others to read about a cyclist's many adventures and see great pictures of the world we live in.

I'm retired and been around for 72 years. I live in Chico in Northern California. Chico is a beautiful town with an area population of about 105,000 and is located in the great Sacramento Valley. I've lived in Chico for 58 years and although I travel a lot, I have not seen a place where I would prefer to reside. My first major travel experience was to Europe for 4 months in 1967. That trip was without a bicycle. I started touring by bicycle in 1982 and it has become my passion ever since. I make detailed travel plans and depart on trips several times each year. I've logged 105,912 miles (171,000 km)on my many bike trips. There are a number of countries that I've traveled to time and time again as I enjoy them so much.

My wife, Jackie, is not a cyclist, but she supports my cycling habit and allows me to travel as I wish. We do take a non-cycling vacation or two each year together too. A couple of trips each year is about all she likes to do as she spends much of her free time with her family, special interests, and her hobbies.

This is a great cycling site and although I cannot upload many of my past journals to this media, I hope you will enjoy the journals I have posted.

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My ride

Contact: Touringbybike at yahoo dot com
Updated: 30 September 2014

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Journals and articles:

Summary Expanded
Type Title Author Updated Status Hitcount
 Journal   The Beauty of Cycling the Pacific Coast   Jerry Griswold  Jul 26 
Completed Jul 2014
 Journal   You Drive, I'll Ride   Jerry Griswold  Jun 10 
Completed Jun 2014
 Journal   Cycling The Santa Fe Trail   Jerry Griswold  Sep 26 
Completed Sep 2014
 Journal   Cycling the Land of Sand, Sea, and Swaying Palms   Jerry Griswold  Apr 3 
Completed Apr 2014
 Journal   On the Saddle in Asia   Jerry Griswold  Dec 7 
Completed Dec 2013
 Journal   Destination......The Gili Islands   Jerry Griswold  Oct 2013 
Completed Oct 2013
 Journal   Thailand Beckons Once Again   Jerry Griswold  Mar 2013 
Completed Mar 2013
 Journal   Sojourn in Southeast Asia   Jerry Griswold  Dec 2012 
Completed Dec 2012
 Journal   Solo in the 'Land of Morning Calm'   Jerry Griswold  Oct 2012 
Completed Oct 2012
 Journal   A Birthday Tour in Southeast Asia   Jerry Griswold  May 2012 
Completed May 2012
 Journal   62 trips! Are you serious?   Jerry Griswold  Dec 2011 
Completed Dec 2011
 Journal   A Summer Spent Cycling Across America   Jerry Griswold  Jul 2011 
Completed Jul 2011
 Journal   A Brit and Yank tour Thailand   Jerry Griswold  Mar 2011 
Completed Mar 2011
 Journal   A Solo Ride in the Land of Buddha   Jerry Griswold  Dec 2010 
Completed Dec 2010
 Journal   Bali: A Cycling Journey in Tropical Splendor   Jerry Griswold  Oct 2010 
Completed Oct 2010
 Journal   Poland: Medieval towns, churches and castles   Jerry Griswold  Sep 2010 
Completed Sep 2010
 Journal   Summertime on the Ol' Mississippi   Jerry Griswold  Jun 2010 
Completed Jun 2010
 Journal   Phoenix to Santa Barbara   Jerry Griswold  Apr 2010 
Completed Apr 2010
 Journal   Vietnam: Cycling the Mekong Delta   Jerry Griswold  Mar 2010 
Completed Mar 2010
 Journal   The Amazing Sights and Sounds of Thailand   Jerry Griswold  Nov 2009 
Completed Nov 2009
 Journal   Cycling in Paradise   Jerry Griswold  Sep 2009 
Completed Sep 2009
 Journal   Jerry's Adventure on the Grandride   Jerry Griswold  Jul 2009 
Completed Jul 2009
 Journal   Southeast Asia Beckons Once Again   Jerry Griswold  Jun 2009 
Completed Jun 2009
 Journal   Where the heck is Sulawesi?   Jerry Griswold  Mar 2009 
Completed Mar 2009
 Journal   A solo ride from Hanoi to Saigon   Jerry Griswold  Jan 2009 
Completed Jan 2009
 Journal   Cycling in Irresistible Thailand   Jerry Griswold  Dec 2008 
Completed Dec 2008
 Journal   Cycling in Beautiful Taiwan   Jerry Griswold  Oct 2008 
Completed Oct 2008
 Journal   A Journey Across America   Jerry Griswold  Aug 2008 
Completed Aug 2008
 Journal   My Return to 'The Land of Smiles'   Jerry Griswold  Mar 2008 
Completed Mar 2008
 Journal   A winter ride in the Florida Keys   Jerry Griswold  Jan 2008 
Completed Jan 2008
 Journal   On the road in "The Land of Smiles"   Jerry Griswold  Dec 2007 
Completed Dec 2007
 Journal   A Bicycle Journey in Northwestern Thailand   Jerry Griswold  Mar 2007 
Completed Mar 2007
 Journal   Cycling the Western Coast of South India   Jerry Griswold  May 2007 
Completed May 2007
 Journal   A Solo Ride from Hong Kong to Guilin   Jerry Griswold  Oct 2006 
Completed Oct 2006
 Journal   Cycling Europe with My Young Daughter   Jerry Griswold  Jun 2006 
Completed Aug 1983
 Journal   Cycling five countries in 5 weeks   Jerry Griswold  May 2006 
Completed May 2006
 Journal   An Adventure in Turkey   Jerry Griswold  Apr 2006 
Completed Apr 2006
 Journal   In Search of the Burma Road   Jerry Griswold  Feb 2006 
Completed Feb 2006
 Journal   My ride in Laos   Jerry Griswold  Dec 2005 
Completed Dec 2005
 Journal   Tour of Southern China   Jerry Griswold  Oct 2005 
Completed Oct 2005Featured Journal #149

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