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Simon Goodman (SimonGoodman)

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Joined: 8 September 2004
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Bio: I was born in Montreal,Canada but moved to England with my family aged 10. That means I am one of those odd cross nationality types where my slight canadian accent can mark me out even now. But in Canada I can not pass as native, I have even been asked if I am Australian.

It is only recently I went back to Canada though it was to the west. I worked in Banff which allowed me ski, this is enduring passion along being in the mountains. I would not call myself an out door type but I have enjoyed lots of sports. This has accidentally led to touring and my deepening enjoyment of this way of travelling.

Updated: 6 January 2005

Journals and articles:

Summary Expanded
Type Title Author Updated Status Hitcount
 Journal   A North American Coastal Wander and Inbetween   Simon Goodman  Sep 2011 
Completed Sep 2011
 Journal   New Zealand - Aotearoa Walkabout   Simon Goodman  May 2005 
Completed Apr 2005

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