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Jet Agelink (Jetstream)

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Joined: 18 January 2012
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Bio: Hi! I am a 25 year old Dutchie. For a while now I am traveling by bicycle, which I bought on the road. Being a student for 4 years, I got bored and decided to leave. So I saved up and last October I left home. 3 months into my trip I bought my newest companion with a little help from another cyclist, my friend Chris. I like traveling a lot, but got sick of being stuffed into tourist buses (I like the local ones). But even more of getting dropped off just out of town, not being able to stop on the way when I want to and having to work with a schedule I didn't make up. I like to travel in my own pace. So hear goes to nothing!

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I have time to get to know her until around March 2012. If (or when) I fall in love with cycling the way I am about to go, I might just take her home. Her name is Elsa, after the lioness. I heard about the story just a short while ago and the name just fits. She is my first bike and in the good company of Tigger and Kitty, what more fitting than a lioness called Elsa?

* A recent update - September 2013 *

It has been 1,5 years since I got on the road and over a year since I paused, never with the intention to stop. For some it may seem obvious, I have fallen in love with traveling by bicycle. Soon I will be back on and I am almost jumping with excitement! Elsa is still going strong and I am learning a little about bike maintenance while I go. Sorry if I say something foolish, dumb, ignorant or stupid. And that might actually be why I like it so much. I have no real plan anymore, just ideas and even they change everyday. So I beg you to keep with me while I try to work my way through this, wherever it may lead me. Complain, advice, laugh or anything else that you want to get off your chest, please use the guestbook. I like to get a word now and then :)

Updated: 3 September 2013

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