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Pauline Symonds (HughandPauline)

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Joined: 13 October 2009
Topics: Bicycle Touring 
Bio: We are ex-teachers who realised that riding a bike was more fun than working for a living, so we retired a few years early and took to the road – brilliant. We headed out to South America and then to Australia and New Zealand, missing winter for a couple of years.

We have a lovely home in the Yorkshire Dales where it is beautiful, but it rains a lot. The climate of southern France has great appeal for the future. Our three children seem to have become used to us setting off on various pointless challenges – they are keen on the same sort of thing themselves all being active competitive athletes. The seeds may have been sown in 1990 when Hugh took advantage of a term off work on full pay to run over all the 3000ft mountains of Britain in one continuous run. Chapter 20 written by the kids is the best bit of the book, ‘Running High’. Hugh has done a lot of running in his time and he introduced me to the ‘pleasure’ of running up and down hills.

We have ridden bikes all our lives – a tandem, trikes and tandem trikes with the kids, Roberts Audax and now Roberts Roughstuffs. We have speedy super light bikes that are great for day rides when we are at home and it’s not raining. We are currently on what will probably be our longest trip – in future we want to spend more time with our lovely kids and grandchildren (two already and one on the way) – but there will be more trips ‘inşalla’. The best way to keep active is to keep active!

Updated: 18 March 2013

Journals and articles:

Summary Expanded
Type Title Author Updated Status Hitcount
 Journal   Heading east to the Caspian and beyond   Pauline Symonds  Jan 11 
Completed Jan 2014Featured Journal #541
 Journal   Hugh and Pauline across Australia and around New Zealand   Pauline Symonds  Jun 2012 
Completed Sep 2012Featured Journal #493
 Journal   Hugh and Pauline in South America   Pauline Symonds  Jul 2011 
Completed Jul 2011Featured Journal #605

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